Yeehaw! {Holiday Hoedown}

I’ve grown to dearly love and enjoy The Hood over at Shrinking Jeans. Seems like they have challenges all the time to help keep us focused, motivated and entertained. Well, during the holiday season is no different- they have created a challenge that I am super pumped for… the Holiday Hoedown! <cue country music>


I am very proud to be on team Hot Holiday Hunnies (holla!) with some very fantastic ladies I met on Twitter– yup, Twitter! I feel like I really instantly clicked with them, and I can’t wait to lean on them for support the next few weeks of this challenge. I want to introduce my hunnies/teammates, and feel free to follow their blogs or Twitter pages. They are total sweethearts who are there to motivate you, laugh with you and tell you it’s not appropriate to play Christmas music until after next Thursday. Hmph.

<Drumroll please>

The Hot Holiday Hunnies consist of:


twitter: @acurls blog:


twitter: @Laurel16 blog:


twitter: @sibrana blog:


twitter: @ashes41 blog:


twitter: @erbearr blog:


twitter: @leelee3003 blog:


twitter: @jajaptc

And of course me!

The first week started yesterday where we officially weighed in, and I am really committed to this challenge both for myself and for the terrific ladies I have as my teammates. This week’s fitness challenge is to log as many minutes as we possibly can of TRUE exercise. Not parking extra far at the grocery store, but like real, makes you sore for days, have to wash your boob pits kinda exercise. Yeah, boob pits, I said it.

Yesterday, I logged in 65 minutes for my team, and today I hope to knock out another 36 or so. Tomorrow is the day before my official Weight Watchers weigh-in, so I’ll be doing a last chance style workout that will probably last about an hour maybe an hour and a half. I know many of my hunnies are runners, so I think our team is in great shape to be successful.

Now, fitness, of course, is a key component of any weight loss/health challenge. That is a given. However, we also have non-fitness goals we must accomplish. I would like to lose 10 pounds during this challenge. Will it happen? Probably not. But I am going to do everything in my power to try and meet my goals. Another goal I have is to fit into my “summer” pants that no longer fit at the moment. I swear I have a whole other wardrobe waiting for me if I were to just drop about 10-15 pounds or some major inches. Ideally, I hope that this challenge can help me create habits that will last far longer than the challenge. Healthy habits that can take me into the new year ahead of the game and ready to drop some major pounds next year.

So, with the holidays upon us…will you be gaining, maintaining or trying to get a jump start on those new year’s resolutions that I know you have on your mind? Whatever you decide to do this holiday season, just remember there’s no better time than the present.

Oh, and can I get a Yeehaw?

Winking smile

And just as extra motivation, I’d really, really like this dress for our 2nd wedding anniversary dinner.




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  1. Brittney
    November 19, 2010 / 3:12 am

    Bhahaha – boob pits!! That is definitely a good workout – when the bp's are sweaty! I'm cracking up over here!Good luck with the challenge – I'm sure you'll do great! And that dress is super cute!