Why I Won’t Go to Home & Garden Expos Again

I love home and garden stuff, truly do, so it seems totally natural for me to go to a home and garden show/expo and have a great time. Right? It’s like the mecca.

Except that I didn’t. On February 15, the hubby and I woke up early and headed to the big city for the day for the Corpus Christi Home & Garden Show. After paying $5 to park and $15 to get in, we were ready and pumped to talk to local companies and businesses that could help us achieve the projects we’ve been dreaming of.

And it sucked. Now, this isn’t my first time attending this shindig. Daniel took me MANY years ago to the same home and garden show to meet Frank from Trading Spaces. Even at age 19 I was OBSESSED with DIY/interior decorating shows, and by golly, I friggin loved Trading Spaces (except for that heinous hay room…ugh, Hildi was the worse designer on that show). I loved it so much I bought this DVD for Frank to autograph:

Ah. Memories. But I digress.

The Corpus Christi Home & Garden Show was a colossal waste of $20 and about an hour of my time. Now, $20 may not seem like a lot, but when you literally spend $20 and GET NOTHING out of it…well. That simply sucks.

Unless I missed the memo, when did these expos become a convention for weird magnetic bracelets that will improve my back pain, 1000 foot hoses that coil into something the size of a tennis ball, and things that look like Swiffers but are SO MUCH BETTER than Swiffers and therefore cost $100. Oh and ridiculously expensive pots and pans that make the Calphalon set I want seem like chump change.

WHEN?! WHY?! Sob. Bring back the good ole days!

Oh and let’s not forget the timeshare resort sales. All. Over. The. Expo. They have you fill out a short questionnaire of about 42 questions so you can take a spin on their wheel and win an inclusive vacation to nowhere because you’ll be stuck in timeshare “presentations” the whole time.

Y’all, remember I PAID to get into this expo. I’m here because I mean business.

Apparently I was the only one. Of the few (as in like 3) legit vendors there that were local and not “As Seen on TV” sales peeps, not a single one has called to follow up with us. Not one. That’s because I let my hubby talk to the business owners, and I stayed on the sidelines. Around these parts, the fact that I am a woman doesn’t bode well for me getting return phone calls from contractors and such. Several told us they would follow up with us on Tuesday or Wednesday. Of which week, I do not know.

And the nail in the coffin? Well, as I mentioned earlier, about 9 years ago I met my beloved Frank, so if nothing else I expect to meet a DIY/HGTV-esque personality or see an amazing demo thing. Nope. Didn’t get that either. Instead, they booked some dudes from “Tanked”. Haven’t heard of it? It’s like a fishing show or something. The poor guys looked desperate to speak to people, and there was no one

Sigh. Therefore, I’ve decided to not ever attend that kind of expo around here ever again. I totally wish I could get my $20 back to spend on just about anything but this darn expo.

Do you go to home and garden expos? Did the one I went to just suck because it’s a small market? Talk to me y’all.



  1. Sara
    March 3, 2014 / 5:30 pm

    We have a Home & Garden Expo here (smallish Central CA town) too. It sounds very much the same, and not my thing ether. They could do so much better. The only good thing about ours is that for a month before the expo there are "get in free" passes at various places around town, it's $15 at the door but everyone I know only goes if they have a pass and usually comes back saying much of what you just did.

  2. kim nath
    March 4, 2014 / 12:48 pm

    Yep, pretty much sounds like the one in Pittsburgh. My husband and I go occasionally and every time we come out saying "we are never going to that again".

  3. Jen
    March 10, 2014 / 3:15 pm

    Yep, same here in KC… we don't go anymore, waste of time!