What have I bought for my office? Part Two

Now onto the finds I am really, really proud of. :o)I have these 2 images saved onto my computer that really inspire and drive my vision for my office. Here they are:PhotobucketI love the all white vases and the punch of colors in the flowers.PhotobucketI love the flowers ON the vases. Looks homey, chic, shabby, and cute all at the same time.So, here’s what I found that to me, coincides with the above pictures:PhotobucketThe letter holder in the background was $2 at Goodwill, and I think I will hang this on the door to my office. It’s going to get a severe makeover though, trust me. The various vases, etc. were all $0.25-$1.00 each at Goodwill/Dollar Tree. And if you look in the background in the right side, you’ll see a giant clippy picture holder thingy. That’ll be made over as well, and it’ll be filled with my lovely wedding pictures.PhotobucketThis vase was $1 at Dollar Tree. They have similar versions at Target for $9.99+PhotobucketAnother Dollar Tree findPhotobucketDaniel thought this duck was “freakin’ ugly”, but I see potential in this duck. Wait and see, that’s all I have to say. This little guy was only 25-cents!PhotobucketUsually, I find bird stuff ugly, but again, I have a plan for this bell. 49-cents at Goodwill.PhotobucketPicture holder I mentioned- $2.00 at GoodwillPhotobucketChandelier pillow from Target- $14.99Photobucket12×12 inch cork tiles from Wal-Mart- $5.94 for the pack of 4. I will use spray adhesive to cover the cork tiles with some scrapbook paper or maybe fabric. PhotobucketA bird that will be perched on something in my office. He’s cute and has potential. Stolen from my mom with her permission. 😛PhotobucketPretty blue watering can/vase is from Goodwill and cost $2.50. Girls Night Out frame (white) is from Ross for $3.99. Cupcake card was found at Wal-Mart for 10-cents. White frames were found at Wal-Mart on clearance for $3.00 and finally, the little colorful frames I bought at Michaels for 75-cents each. The cat trying to get into the birdcage thing is possibly my favorite find because it’s just kind of weird and pretty. $1.00 at GoodwillUp next…part three!