Weight Watchers {Week 3}

I don’t think that the past 36 hours of my life could be any better than what happened to me during them.

On Black Friday, I went to Wal-Mart and found all I was looking for, with the exception of the steam mop. And I had a blast doing the whole Black Friday at Wal-Mart with the crazies in full force because I was with my 3 co-workers and my hubby. We had FUN. So yeah, good deals always put me a in a peppy mood. My 2 fave purchases have to be my teal Cricut and my new sewing machine. I once bought the Cricut at Wal-Mart and had no luck with it, so I am hoping this newer version is better.

But, things got better. Like WAY better.

My wine labels were featured on HGTV. Yes, I’ve already gushed that they are on the HGTV website, but people, they were on TV. Don’t believe me? I have pictures here to prove it. I’ll have video to prove it soon, too. Squee.

And then this morning I had my weigh-in. I’m going to be perfectly real with you all on this- I did NOT count points this week. Nope, not at all past last Sunday. Monday-Friday were just me eating in what I feel was moderation. I didn’t obsess over points at all because I was obsessing over painting my wood paneling in the living room. I worked my ass off. Quite literally. Painting is HARD. I am still sore from painting the wood paneling, and I haven’t finished the trim yet, so there is still more painting to be done in the next week or so. You know how tennis players get tennis elbow? Yeah, well, this DIY-er has painters body. I am sore, tired and still finding random splotches of paint on myself even though I keep scrubbing it away.

Basically- I didn’t count points this week, but barely had time or energy to eat. And I only technically exercised for 65 minutes though I spent hours upon hours UPON HOURS painting the walls of my tacky living room.

You want to know how my weigh-in went, right? Well, I am proud to report that during this week of Thanksgiving (filled with pie, stuffing and rolls…) I lost:

3.6 pounds!

Isn’t that amazing?! I think so. I always do well Thanksgiving week. Don’t know why, but it’s never a week that stresses me out.

Let’s look at the totals:

Week 3 Weight Loss: 3.6 pounds

Total Weight Loss to Date: 5.2 pounds

Week 3 Exercise Minutes= 65 minutes

Total Exercise Minutes to Date*= 346 minutes

*=These numbers represent a cumulative total

Weight Watchers Virtual Bank Balance= $100.00 ($50 from weight loss, $50 from exercise)

I’m halfway to my iPhone 4! I’ve been wanting it so very badly so I can finally be one of the cool kids. I have the original iPhone, which I’ve heard is considered vintage.

I told myself, and you all, that I was going to look at this weight loss deal in 5 pound increments, so I’ve lost 1/20th of the 5 pounds I need to lose for a total of 100 pounds. I actually don’t think I’ll want to lose the full 100, I think I’m going to look at how my BMI and body look at 80 pounds and go from there. I don’t want to look like a stick- I love having some curves.

Onto week 4 now, and on Monday I go back to work, which is where I think a lot of my temptation lies. I’ll have to make time for actual exercise this week since painting won’t be my excuse to not exercise. For those that had weigh-ins this week, I’d love to know about your successes and struggles in the comments section (make sure you leave a way for me to reply- e-mail/blog address), or you’re always free to e-mail me at [email protected]

And finally, since I am still on my HGTV high, I wanted to share with you all my 2 favorite items (besides mine) from the episode. It will be reairing December 3rd at 2 pm if any of you want to set your DVRs.

Red Dahlia Dog Collar

Bird Nest Sachets

To see more of the products featured on the HGTV episode, click here.



  1. TJ
    November 27, 2010 / 3:59 pm

    great job on the loss! 🙂 WHOOOHOOOO!

  2. Bari
    November 27, 2010 / 4:04 pm

    WOOT! Way to go Monica!!!! Great job on the loss and the other successes of the week 🙂 (We didn't get the steam mop either-boo.)