Weight Loss Update {Health & Fitness}

My weight loss update is that I have no update. I seriously started off so well, and then I really struggled in March due to bronchitis. Then in April all hell broke loose in some areas of my life, so I was just trying to survive and weather the storm. Now in May, it’s been equally chaotic, and I’m just blessed that by some reason I haven’t gained it all back.

The most weight I had lost was 17 pounds, and right now I’m sitting at 14 pounds lost. In like 5 months.

Ugh that’s awful. I’ve been committed to keeping track of everything I eat, even if it’s unhealthy or over my calories, just to kind of keep myself cognizant of what I’m eating. I think in doing that, I was able to figure out the calories I can eat at to maintain my weight…that in itself is something, right? And the icing on the cake (that I wish I was eating right now) is that I sprained my ankle not once, but twice in a less than 10 days. Because I’m just that cool. Yeah. And the most recent sprain was last Thursday, and I’m still hobbling around. Fun!

So stress + illness + injury= no weight loss. Ya know, in case you were wondering.

This week, I’ve really tried to get my calories back down to about 1800 calories since I’m not exercising, and by golly, I am trying to drink water. I have so much trouble with water, it’s odd. Bur diet pepsi? Oh boy can I chug those down fairly easy.

I’ve also let my blogging subside for awhile, but I miss it. I have so many in progress projects around the house that I hope to tackle this weekend so I can finally get back into a groove. I feel like in March, April and May, I’ve just let myself get too wrapped up in things that I shouldn’t be bringing home. I have a home, a husband, a life, and I’ve let recent things affect that.

Well not anymore. I want to be happy, I want to live the life I’ve always wanted to live, and I want to lose weight. In all likelihood, I will not lose the 90 pounds I wanted to lose this year, but hopefully in the months of June-December, I can lose another 30 pounds or so, and I’ll have to continue on this journey next year. And the year after that.

I guess my question to you lovely people is this:

1.) What can I do to still exercise even with a sore/sprained ankle? Besides walking…

2.) How do you balance your work/private life to stay happy?

I’d love your thoughts! I’ll be back soon with some exciting reviews and giveaways.

Love you all oodles.




  1. Kara
    May 23, 2013 / 12:03 am

    First thing – I don't care how long it took you, 14 lbs is awesome. It's 14 lbs that you aren't carrying on your body. Go to the grocery store and pick up 3 5# bags of sugar and think about how that weight is not on your body any more. And be proud!!Next, lift weights and do yoga. While your ankle is healing, focus on upper body stuff and isometric exercises and yoga. You'll be ready to get back to it when your ankle heals. Work/life balance? Hah! I have no advice there. I am the worst about letting one bleed over into the other. Maybe someone else can help with that one! 🙂

    • Monica @ MonicaWantsIt.com
      May 24, 2013 / 12:06 am

      Thanks for the encouraging words, Kara! And you're absolutely right…I should go carry around some bags of sugar and think about how much of an accomplishment that is. 🙂

  2. Carrie Meitzler
    May 23, 2013 / 4:49 pm

    I agree with Kara. 14lbs! Dang! If you have a pool nearby that is great if it doesn't bother the hurt part. Sometimes you can just swim with your arms. It keeps up the aerobic part of your workout even though you are literally dragging your butt. Work life balance? Do not beat yourself up. Do the best you can, celebrate the times you get it right, call that friend you want to keep up with even if you just have 5 min to let them know you love them. No apologies about not having time for more just be grateful if they have 5 min for you and don't forget to tell them how phenomenal they are as a friend, sister, brother, mother, coworker, cousin. You are a great encourager thanks for your blog and your openness. Happy Monica Day!

    • Monica @ MonicaWantsIt.com
      May 24, 2013 / 12:07 am

      Thanks Carrie! Your advice about work/life balance really means a lot to me. It made me think about the things that are truly important to me. 🙂

  3. Nancy
    May 26, 2013 / 7:50 pm

    I agree with all of the above comments. You lost 14 lbs? And you've kept it off? I'm totally jealous! That's truly something to celebrate, so GO YOU!! WOOHOO!!As for exercising, what about using a stationary bike? I would think that wouldn't bother your ankle as much, since you could use your other foot to do the majority of the work. Of course, I've never used one, so this could be totally wrong.As for drinking water, I've always had a hard time drinking just water too. I used to drink crystal light, until I decided all the chemicals probably weren't all that good for me. I just realized a couple of weeks ago that I always drink water with lemon when I go to restaurants, and end up drinking a lot of it. So I bought myself some lemons, and have been drinking a lot of water since then. I let the lemons sit for about 3 days so they soften up before I cut them into quarters, it makes them easier to squeeze. I probably have gone from drinking about 1-2 glasses of water daily, to about 8-9 glasses. I definitely hit the bathroom more, but it also keeps me from eating as much. I'm hoping it will translate into weight loss, but we shall see. And again, WOOHOO! You've lost 14 lbs! WOOOOOHOOOOOO! Be proud of yourself, you are on your way!

  4. Tina M
    May 28, 2013 / 10:20 pm

    Congratulations on losing and keeping those lbs! Don't discount that especially if you've been busy/distracted/stressed. I lost 50 lbs on the Primal (aka Paleo) diet and I LOVE it. I do an 80/20 version where I am strict 80% of the time. Also, I still eat cheese even if dairy is questionable to some in Paleo-land. What I love best is not experiencing the crazy hunger swings I used to get and not being obsessed by food anymore. Those two factors make it so much easier to continue (but getting to eat bacon whenever doesn't hurt!) This is not a jumped-up Atkins diet. I tried Atkins and hated it. I like to eat a lot of vegetables and not worry about those carbs so Primal works way better for me in that regard. Check out marksdailyapple.com and click on Start Here. But, before you do that click on Success Stories. You will be blown away at all the now-fit folks who love what they eat and love their life, too, not to mention people who have resolved long-standing health issues such as IBS. No, I am not an employee or owner of the site! But, as a person who used to feel like a failure and a slave to food and who wanted to be healthy AND look good in her jeans, I try to spread the word where I can. Not crying when I get on the scale or try on clothes is beyond awesome. Best wishes to you for vibrant health and feeling great.

  5. Donna
    May 31, 2013 / 4:01 pm

    I think that 14 pounds is nothing to sniff at! It is a really healthy level of sustainable weight loss, more than half a pound a week, which is great!You know me, I love swimming. It is a great way to get exercise without weight bearing or loading on bad body parts (for me that is my knee, and also my ankle). If swimming is not your thing, why not pick up a mat based pilates video. That stuff is good…As for weight loss, rather than looking at things in a restrictive way why not look at them in a "gaining health" way. I recently read "It Starts With Food" and although I cannot at this time commit to the method, I loved the message. It was really well researched, relatable and eye opening. It made me see food choices in a different way. Let me know if you pick it up!

  6. NPR Junky
    June 12, 2013 / 12:47 am

    I agree with everyone else! 14 pounds is AWESOME. One to two pounds a week is considered healthy (per my MD), so maybe think about it in smaller chunks? Like, maybe four pounds a month?Also- I agree with Donna. I think a pilates dvd is an EXCELLENT choice. I've been using the same one off and on for about 10 years, and I ALWAYS go back to it. It's called The Method Target Specifics by Jennifer Kries, and it's about $20. It does legs, abs, hips and arms. She has a lot of other dvds, too, but that one I like the best. But remember, it's not necessarily hard-core cardio, so you'll be building/toning/stretching muscle, which will help speed up your metabolism in the long run. Prior to getting married, my husband and I did the South Beach diet, which we both loved. We kinda fell off the wagon a little, but I've tried to pick it back up (the healthy eating, etc). I can't say enough about South Beach. Everything in that book made sense. EVERYTHING. Sticking to it is a litte tougher.Best of luck to you!