Vera Bradley Holiday Colors Review #VBwishlist

This post brought to you by Vera Bradley. All opinions are 100% mine.

Oh. Em. Gee. You guys…I finally have a Vera Bradley bag! I am obsessed with quilted handbags (ala Chanel), but I’ve always loved the playful, colorful patterns in Vera’s bags. I’ve never splurged on one, but I’ve always admired them at local boutiques here in Beeville. 

I am VERY happy to report that I am now the very proud owner of a Weekender Bag in the uber gorg Venetian Paisley print (part of her new Winter Colors collection which has something for everybody!) with the matching cosmetic case

Let’s checkout the Weekender Bag first:

This bag can hold a lot of stuff! I think the term Weekender implies 2 nights, and this bag can hold 2 nights worth of stuff easily. I packed 2 outfits, PJ’s, unmentionables, 2 pairs of shoes, and scarves and still had room left over for my random chargers and electronics. There’s also pockets on the outside that are perfect for iPads, Kindles, or magazines for your road trip.

The interior is as impeccably designed with a beautiful linear fabric that is a perfect contrast to the Venetian Paisley pattern and colors. The strap has a padded shoulder thing, is carry on compliant, and is absolutely perfect for any woman on your Christmas list. 

Now, let’s drool over the practical, beautiful and oh-so-functional cosmetic bag. I am a makeup hoarder, and I can’t spare any cosmetics when I am traveling. This cosmetic case holds a ton, and it holds it well.

I have 2 full size eyeshadow palettes, a mini eyeshadow palette, eyeliner, lipgloss, lipstick, nail polish, foundation, my Clarisonic, my facewash, and my mascara and blush. Plus, in the side pockets I have my random necklaces, earrings, and my contact lens case. And, in the lid of the cosmetic case…

Is a zippered compartment that fits my makeup brushes perfectly so they don’t get bent/damaged. I would totally get these as gifts for my BFF’s that also love makeup and travel a lot because it’s an affordable gift that has utility (and is super pretty!)

Vera– I love you and your genius bags and patterns. Swoon!

I’m so happy to finally be part of the cool kids club and own such quality, affordable, and practical Vera Bradley bags. I know I’ll use these bags for years to come–they are that well made.

I’ve been eyeing what other pieces I might want from her website, so I’ve created a Pinterest board that you should check out. Now, it’s not ALL just about Vera’s bags, I also have pinned some holiday/entertaining ideas inspired by the colors in the Venetian Paisley print.

This holiday season, Vera Bradley has got fab gifts for all the women on your gift list. For more ideas and Vera info, follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What are your favorite Vera Bradley bags, patterns or colors? If you want to pin along with me, remember to use the hashtag #VBwishlist. 

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  1. Md Hasan
    December 15, 2013 / 4:50 pm

    Thank you for addressing this! The holidays can be such a hard time when we’re encouraged (or forced) to be in close proximity with family members who frequently have their own hangups about food and weight and are dead-set on projecting those hangups on everybody around them. I definitely go less snarky and more matter-of-fact if someone comments on my food choices–I am bad at being confrontational, but I also like to think that being low-key about things might help normalize it? Of course, I’m also coming at the issue as someone who is still mostly straight-sized, so I know it’ll be different for other folks. You’ve linked to some great resources here and it’s good to know that there’s someone like you who’s smart and compassionate available for those who need commiseration and support. Scott Sporleder