Texas Posadas: Living Room Décor & Free Printable #TXSocial

Hi everyone! I’m so happy to be part of the Texas Posadas blog hop this holiday season—my fellow Texas Latino Bloggers have put together an awesome array of posts about our awesome state, and we’re so excited to share with you all! I am PROUD to be from Texas, and no, it’s not in the crazy/odd kind of way. It’s more in the spirit of celebrating how awesome Texas is, and what it offers to our country and the even the world. Texas is home to many fabulous universities (Hook ‘Em!), culture, sights, sounds, tastes, sports teams, and friendly people.

And no, not all of us think Texas should be it’s own country.

I was born in Harlingen, Texas, grew up in San Antonio, Texas, and currently live in Beeville, Texas. I went to school in Austin, Texas, and I am OBSESSED with how awesome Sugarland, Texas is. What can I say, I am forever a Texas girl.

In my home, we partake in some Texas traditions that involve tasty food. There’s nothing better than some tex-mex on Christmas Day (can we say enchiladas?!) and some hearty BBQ for a New Year’s Eve cookout. Being a Latina, I also thoroughly enjoy Mexican foods such as pan de polvo (Mexican wedding/sugar cookies), bunuelos (fried tortillas with cinnamon), and empanadas (pumpkin filled pastries).

Besides eating tasty tex-mex foods during the holidays, I’ve always enjoyed decorating my home. I don’t do anything Texas themed, but this year I did make some simple Texas gift tags (link is towards the bottom of this post) that you can print and use for your holiday gifts, too. You’ve seen my Christmas dining room décor here and here, so now here are some photos of my living room décor. It’s always so challenging photographing this room because the room is narrow/dark, but I did my best and hope you enjoy the photos. My color scheme this year is red, black, white and touches of silver.

Holiday Decor via Monica Wants It #TXSocial

Holiday Decor via Monica Wants It #TXSocial

Holiday Decor via Monica Wants It #TXSocial

Holiday Decor via Monica Wants It #TXSocial

Holiday Decor via Monica Wants It #TXSocial

And of course, no Texas living room would be complete without a bar during the holidays. I just need an ice bucket!

Holiday Decor via Monica Wants It #TXSocial

If you want to save some money on holiday gift tags, you can download my free Texas holiday gift tags right here (click on “File” and “Download” to save to your computer as a PDF). They come 8 to a page, and they’re super easy to cut out with a paper cutter.

I hope you enjoyed my living room holiday décor and my babble about how awesome my state is!

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