Tags & Vases {Silhouette SD}

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous new year’s. Anything fun and exciting happen? As for me, Daniel and I kept it low key and partied with the dogs. Literally, our dog + my mom’s. Party animals, aren’t we?

But I digress.

I got my Silhouette SD so I could make Chrismas presents, and that didn’t quite happen because, hey, the holidays are hectic. Furthermore, homemade gifts take time, planning and supplies. So I settled for making some gift tags for my co-workers’ gifts and an Adam Lambert vase/candle holder for my mother-in-law. Yeah. You read that right. My mother-in-law is obsessed with Adam Lambert. And I was talking about this very fact on Twitter, and so many of my tweeps said their mother-in-laws were also obsessed with him. Very happy I am not alone. It is creepy isn’t it?

First off, here are the tags I made using Photoshop Elements (PSE 7 from here on out). The shapes I used are kind of common on digital scrapbooking sites or you could always buy the shape from the Silhouette SD store. I used what I had on hand. Also, I apologize for confusing some people with my last tutorial– I was apparently using the wrong software. You see, my Silhouette SD came with a CD, which I assumed contained the current/proper software. Wrong! It’s the software used with the Robo Master, which is/was kind of like the Silhouette. I’ve since downloaded the correct software from their website. Oops!

Onward we go! I got my co-workers giftcards for Christmas because they’re all very diverse and I bought their gifts the day before we exchanged them. I’m so thoughtful, aren’t I? I swear I have good intentions, but I also am an expert procrastinator. I’m a pioneer in the field of putting things off.

I bought a 99-cent box template from the Silhouette SD store and cut them using the Silhouette SD. Remember, you can drag and resize your images within the software, so I made mine a big bigger so they just about filled up the page.


The template does cut out score marks for you making it really easy to fold the boxes:


I used some double-sided tape to hold everything in place. Aren’t the boxes cute?

Well, any gift needs a pretty gift tag. So I imported one of the shapes I bought online and cut about 9 tags or so. My tags were 2 pieces, so this is the background of the tag. The background is black cardstock- the $5 for 50 pack at Wal-Mart. Nothing fancy.


Then I made personalized tags to go on top. This is gray cardstock from Joanns Crafts that was about $3 for 50 sheets. You don’t need expensive paper to make impressive items.

I used the same shape, but inserted text into it. I then welded the shape + text so it’d be one piece. I only needed 3 tags, but didn’t want to waste paper, so the other 6 tags say Thanks and I’ve been using them with my Etsy orders.






Then I used a dash of spray adhesive to adhere the names to the background and affixed the tags to the boxes. I also added a bright blue ribbon for a bit of color + a little rhinestone.





Very simple, quick and inexpensive. The shapes are so versatile!

Now, onto the star of this blog post, my first attempt at etching glass using the Silhouette SD. I am cheap, and I used contact paper ($5 for a HUGE roll at Wal-Mart) rather than vinyl. I simply cut it to size and used it on the thin media carrier sheet like I would any other piece of thin paper. First, I went to Adam Lambert’s website and stole found his logo. Now, I almost didn’t post this tutorial because I don’t want to get heat for using his logo, but it was for a gift and I am not going to use it for profit. So, please don’t judge me!


I then made it into a stamp using Photoshop Elements:


Then I imported the image into the Silhouette SD software and under it I added his name using the Trajan Pro font.

adam1logo copy

After I got it to the size I wanted, I loaded my Silhouette SD with contact paper- The edges will smooth down once they get loaded, or they did for me.


Then I cut (remember to switch your settings and your blade cap if needed). Once I pulled it off the sheet, I ended up with this (I trimmed it down to size).


I did have to manually add in a few pieces in the eye- no biggie. Make sure all your edges are firmly onto the glass so the etching cream doesn’t seep under. I used a credit card to smooth the entire area a few times.


Then I grabbed my etching cream. This is the one I bought from Hobby Lobby- though I bought the 3 oz bottle which came out to maybe $7ish total. I also used a foam brush to apply it onto the glass. FYI- the vase/candle holder is from Dollar Tree. You can buy them in sets of 12 here.

I put enough etching cream to cover/saturate the areas I needed etched, but I didn’t over do it. Kristin, thank heavens, was nice enough to help me through this because I have never etched glass before. If you do go overboard, you can scoop the excess back in when you’re getting ready to wash it off. To apply, I don’t recommend using a brushing motion, but rather a series of little pats/blots. Also, because I am a perfectionist, I used masking tape to tape off the top/bottom of the vase in case I messed up and got etching cream on those areas.

I left the cream on for about 35 minutes.


Then I rinsed and dried my vase and ended up with this:


Fan-freakin-tastic! My mother-in-law LOVED it:



And she thought it was super sweet that I made something like that for her. It is a one-of-a kind gift that cool machines like the Silhouette SD allow a person to create. The sky is the limit.

Now, I am officially addicted to etching glass. It’s easy, it’s affordable and it makes me feel proud to create things you can’t buy in stores.

Hope you’ll find these 2 tutorials useful in your crafting. Have questions? Leave them in the comments or e-mail me at [email protected] I absolutely adore hearing from you.

Posts coming up this week: BlogHer 2011, a reader request for a bench dining table set-up and some weight loss/exercise stuff.

Have you created something amazing lately? Let me know!



  1. Anonymous
    January 4, 2011 / 2:25 pm

    Monica those tags are too cute, love the boxes too! great job on the etching!

  2. Kassi @ Truly Lovely
    January 4, 2011 / 9:18 pm

    Thos tags are too cute! And thanks for the etching tutorial! I'm planning on trying that soon! So contact paper eh?And REALLY the software in the box isn't the right one?? So far that's all I've used… What's the deal?

  3. Mandy Hornbuckle
    January 7, 2011 / 12:06 am

    AWESOME tutorials, thank you!!! I was on the fence about buying a Sillouette SD, but seeing how you can use Photoshop to create shapes makes me understand it much better and I'm pretty excited now! Thank you so much!!!

  4. Tabitha
    January 7, 2011 / 3:01 am

    The tags are super adorable, but I so want an Adam Lambert vase. That's awesome!

  5. January 9, 2011 / 2:26 am

    I love your tags…how fun! I got a Silhouette SD for Christmas (my first Silhouette), how do I know that it has the lastest softwear?Thanks, Maria

  6. Lindsay
    January 27, 2011 / 8:20 pm

    Love the boxes! I just ordered a Silhouette and that's one of the first projects I hope to make! We're hosting a Silhouette project party and I'd love for you to link up! http://www.ThatVillageHouse.blogspot.comLindsay