Shopping and Sofas

Hi y’all! This week has been crazy! So, the city I live in had a MAJOR issue with the public water supply, and the entire city was out of water for TWO WHOLE DAYS. Schools were closed, businesses and restaurants were closed, and the college I work at was closed. Insane.

It was like The Hunger Games around here.

Now, the water has been restored, but there’s a boil water notice in effect. It’s time like this I am happy I live out of city limits and have a well.

With all the madness, I haven’t had time to blog to you all (it was my job to communicate with the general public about the water issue since I work at the college), and I really miss it. So here I am. Nothing much to report, but I do have some awesome holiday finds that I wanted to share just because. You all are my peeps, and I love being able to  chat with you all about pretty much anything. I hope you all know how much you all mean to me—sometimes this blog and its readers and the comments and emails are what make my days so very much brighter.


Now, onto some cool stuff I have come upon in the last week.

1.) Sears has really cute/hip/affordable fluffy people (AKA: plus size) clothing. The last time I remember looking at their clothes, it was not very appealing. But, they’ve upped their game and I’ll be looking at their stuff more often. I bought a cute top from the Bongo Junior’s Plus line, and it’s super cute and work appropriate. While their women’s plus line runs true to size, I’d recommend sizing up a size with the junior’s line (or just stretch it out…not that I did that).

I also have my eye on these items:


AX Paris Dress, $55


Chandelier shirt by Beverly Drive, $20

2.) If you need to buy some high quality make-up brushes, I don’t think you can get better (for the price vs. performance balance) than the ELF Professional Brushes. While the price on the ELF website is pretty darn good ($3 each or an 11-brush set for $30) you can get the nearly identical set at Marshall’s for $9.99. The only difference is that it comes with 10 brushes + brush cleaner (so 1 less brush and no bag). The Marshall’s I was at recently had a ton of them, so it might be worth a look. I think it’s a good set for a teen or any female who is maybe getting a little more serious about makeup.


3.) I want a new sofa, and I don’t know what I want. Well, I sort of do. I have a ton of photos saved to my ideabooks on Houzz (the most addicting website, next to Pinterest of course), but I can’t seem to narrow it down. I know I love tufting, nailhead, and leather. But I’m not 100% committed to leather. I also do love soft, high quality upholstery. Here’s my vision of sorts:

A chesterfield like sofa with some character.

Hindell Park Sofa

Hindell Park Sofa by Ashley Furniture

Or maybe a loungey-sofa with nailhead.


Santa Barbara Sofa by Sofia Vergara for Rooms To Go

Or this gorgeous pillowback sofa (tufts AND nailhead…swoon!)…But I hate pillowback sofas.


Sidney Road Sofa by Cindy Crawford Home at Rooms To Go

Or this totally out of the budget Chesterfield sofa/chaise from Pottery Barn:


But I did love, love, love this sofa when I saw it in person at Furniture Row:


Simon Li Burke Sofa at Wayfair

Overall, I want a sofa that will last a long time, stand-up to my silly dog, and be super comfy. I’m willing to pay for high quality—I hate my current sectional because after 6 1/2 years, it’s saggy and sad. 🙁

There are my random thoughts for the day.

Have you seen anything worth sharing lately or did you snag some awesome Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section!