Reader Comments=My Happy Pill

Now, I know I am hard on myself on this blog (anyone see how I literally called myself a heifer in this post?), but truly, I don’t really hate myself. Sure, I am not happy with my thighs, chunky arms, and fluffy tummy, but I am beyond thankful that I can move/walk/dance/nap/run/play/shop/blog. Truly, I am a blessed individual in so many ways.

After my wedding on May 23, 2009, I felt sad. I was engaged for THREE years people. THREE! I lived, breathed, and ate wedding crap for THREE years. I promised myself I wouldn’t be one of those people who become super depressed and useless after their wedding because they had nothing to do.

Thank God for Google Reader. Honestly- THANK YOU JESUS! I then shifted my focus to home decor, crafting, health, DIY, etc. I filled the void. I also started blogging an insane amount. It’s truly awesome that I get these random thoughts or ideas, and you (yes, you…you sexy thang reading this blog) READ it. You comment. You e-mail me. You make my day.

You all are free anti-depressants. My free happy pills. So, this post is dedicated to a few of my fave comments or e-mails that I have received lately. I love each and every comment, I cherish them, so if I don’t feature yours please don’t be mad. Promise? Smooches!

Comment from Tina: “I think your bash your body and weight too much 🙁 Have you seen the contestants on The Biggest Loser? Now they have some serious weight to loose.”

Tina- I would have to agree! I am really hard on myself, and your comment made me step back and realize I need to be nicer to myself. Thanks for your comment! You made me reevaluate how I treat someone very dear to me- MYSELF. 🙂

Comment from Gwen: “You are loved Monica. At the end of the day, that and your health is all that matters. Smile girl!”

Gwen- You are such a sweetheart. Gwen is also my Twitter pal, and I can count on her for honest advice (tiffany blue table= a hot mess) and kind words. Thanks!

Comment from Anonymous: “Monica, thanks so much for sharing your struggle. I can relate so much to what you are saying. And while I know it doesn’t really mean that much coming from someone you don’t know (and it really has to come from within and all that jazz), you really do look beautiful in *all* of those photos. All. of. them.”

Anon- Your comment made me cry in a good way. I always feel comfort in knowing I am not alone, so hearing someone say they can relate makes me happy you don’t feel alone either. *hugs*

Comment from Lupismore: “it’s like you read my mind with this post today… i always have buyers remorse but not just about make up or purses… about almost everything. i feel like if a spend money today on a venti cappuccino macchiato i’ll regret it tomorrow when i have to pay my electric bill”

Lupismore- Thanks for making me feel less paranoid! I think with all the headlines about job losses and foreclosures, it’s hard not to be worried. But please promise me you’ll have a guilt-free coffee this weekend, k?

Comment from Rita: “You crack me up. I cant decide what I like better, your stories or your creations. I just read this whole blog and re-read it to my teenage daughter (who by the way loved your lady gaga comment- I commented on that one already). We think you’re too great!! Anyway just can’t wait to see and hear what’s next.”

Rita- Thank you!! My husband swears I am NOT funny. I told him YOU think I am funny! And I am a hit with your teenage daughter? That is FABULOUS! Way more fabulous than Lady Gaga’s tour getting canceled. (Had to throw in another “hip” reference, I just HAD to!)

Comment from Shana: “OMG! I LOVE this post, it’s great and made me smile. You are so right..I know exactly what you mean! While it would be awesome to have a body like Britney, there’s nothing wrong with Kelly Clarkson and Jordan Sparks either! Look how cute they are, they are really working it! I love the last pic too, the woman in the bikini is working it and she’s not a toothpick! Awesome, awesome, I wish I could give you a hug, this really made my day =)”

Shana- I wish I could give you a hug, too! Such a lovely comment, and I am glad I put a smile on your face. Your comment put a smile on mine!

So, that is just a small handful of comments I have gotten on recent posts. Each comment makes my day. I just about do cartwheels when Blogger sends me an e-mail that I have a new comment. It’s a feeling like nothing else. It’s feeling appreciated, important, funny, witty, and a whole other slew of fuzzy feelings.

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Up next a post on my big win today and about some of my Turbo Jam friends!

And I promise I do have some home decor stuff to post about…I went to Goodwill this past Saturday…woot! It was 50% off day baby!

And now I leave you with another oldie (but goodie) picture of me when I was thinner/skinnier. I need motivation to not go get a Blizzard from Dairy Queen. Oy.




  1. Gwen
    October 8, 2009 / 1:16 am

    If you refer to yourself as heifer one more time, I am going to come down there and kick your but. (While PW and MG get to know each other better)I am with you, comments are my happy pills…well that and my actual happy pills…but they don't make me laugh like the comments do. How is that for a run-on sentence?While I am being random, did you know that one of the Blue Man Group guys is from my hometown, Fullerton, CA? I would tell you which one, but I can't tell them apart. They are all blue!

  2. Dianna
    October 8, 2009 / 2:58 pm

    I have focused my energies lately on art and home decor, things that make me happy. It's also fun getting inspiration from all the other sites in cyber world.

  3. Jessica
    October 8, 2009 / 3:07 pm

    You rock lady!

  4. Sarah
    October 8, 2009 / 7:30 pm

    Hi, Monica!I discovered your blog a few days ago and have read everything from July until now on my phone… you really pass the time when I'm bored and only have my phone to entertain me! This week you have come with me to the doctor, grocery shopping, Wal-mart and a trip to see my MIL. Thank you for everything– I love the way you write and the topics you describe; however, like many, I don't appreciate the way you bash yourself! You're beautiful inside and out. I, like your other readers and your husband, do not agree with the flaws -you- see. But if it makes you happy, lose your weight, but please be sure to let all of us know about it! I love your blog.

  5. Sarah
    October 8, 2009 / 7:36 pm

    AHAHAHAHAHA!I wish I could edit my first comment but alas, I must add another one.Schmoopy?!?!?!? Is that your pet name for him? Aww, so sweet.My husband's name is Jeremy and I call him Schwamy! Nothing can beat "Sch" pet names! But could you please post a blog about the derivation of "Schmoopy"?