Price My Space!

I am participating in the Price My Space Party from The Nester. As you can see here, here, here and here (and here too!) I recently redid my office/craft room in my apartment. My budget was $500, and I wonder if I stayed under that budget. Let’s see!

Wall #1-




Chair was $199 at Home Goods, pillow was $14.99 from Target, table was $12.99 at Goodwill, swan ring holder $0.25 at Goodwill, porcelain butterfly $1.00 at Goodwill, 2 packs of rhinestones $1.00 at Michaels, magazine rack $32.00 on Etsy, jewelry holder $0.50 at a yard sale, white frame from Target $1.00. Everything else I already had bring wall #1 total to= $264

Wall #2




2 unfinished shelves from Hobby Lobby $14.00 total, vases from Goodwill and Dollar Tree $8.00 total, “B” plate from Kirklands $4.00, cat/birdcage thingy $1.00 at Goodwill, damask curtains $28 at Hobby Lobby, and blue picture frame from Michaels $1.00. Everything else was on hand or a wedding gift. Wall #2 total= $56

Wall #3




4 magazine holders from World Market $8.00, Pier 1 Imports magnetic chalkboard $18, candle holders from Hobby Lobby $3, file folders from Wal-Mart $4.88, white storage bin from Dollar Tree $1.00, blue bird decoration $0.59 at Hobby Lobby, shelf for $5.00 from a yard sale, dowel from Hobby Lobby $0.70, small shelf from Goodwill $3.00. Everything else I had on hand, binder from Target $5.00. Wall #3 total= $49.17

Wall #4



Printer stand from Goodwill $19.99, 7 frames at Target for wall $7.00, black frame from yard sale $1.00, 4 bins from Dollar Tree $4.00, pack of cardstock from Wal-Mart $3.88, hot pink tape dispenser from Wal-Mart $4.88, pop-up tape dispenser from Target $2.00, mouse pad $2.00. Everything else I had before hand. Wall #4 total= $44.75


Sander from Wal-Mart $24.88, drill bit set from Home Depot $13.97, black semi-gloss paint from Home Depot $8, Kilz Primer from Home Depot $6, level from Home Depot $6, white satin spray paint from Wal-Mart $0.94, white flat spray paint from Wal-Mart $0.94, Krylon ivory spray paint from Wal-Mart $2.77, Krylon watermelon spray paint from Wal-Mart $2.77, Folk Art acrylic paint $1.00 from Hobby Lobby, misc. sandpaper $12.00 from Wal-Mart, and I’ll add in another $10 for misc. purchases I probably forgot about. Supply total= $89.27

GRAND TOTAL= $503 and some cents.

Ok, I went over about $3, sue me. I think considering that A.) I didn’t use any paint on the walls (can’t…sorry!) and B.) it’s only $500, that I did a great job. What do you think?

I am happy to be participating in my first blog “party” and I hope to participate in many more in the upcoming weeks!



  1. Leslie
    July 13, 2009 / 2:06 pm

    love it!We're helping Natalie's Peace of Mind Fund. Check us

  2. Embellished Bayou
    July 13, 2009 / 4:02 pm

    I'll say it again….you did a fabulous job! And I won't tell anyone you went over budget 😉

  3. Valerie
    July 14, 2009 / 3:38 am

    I {heart} your ribbon organizer!! And those damask curtains are fab!

  4. thriftylittleblog
    July 14, 2009 / 4:00 am

    I love the details, especially the craft shelf!

  5. Yansy
    July 14, 2009 / 4:50 am

    I love what you did with the place. Love all the colors as well. Thank you for commenting about my master bedroom on Design Sponge.

  6. Marie
    July 16, 2009 / 8:47 pm

    Hello Monica – love what you've done in your room! I especially think that ribbon/craft paint shelf is fabulous! Thank you for sharing.Blessings,Marie