Peerless SideKick Shower System Review

Happy New Year! I’m excited to partner and collaborate with Peerless to showcase the Peerless SideKick Shower System as my first DIY tutorial of 2019. This shower system is so versatile and easy to install.

I’ll run through a brief overview of the features, a step-by-step DIY tutorial on how to install, and some of the benefits of the system all in this post.

Peerless SideKick Shower System Installation

Peerless SideKick Shower System Overview

In our household we are no strangers to multipurpose shower heads, but admittedly the Peerless SideKick Shower System has features we’ve never seen before that make it very useful.

Peerless SideKick Shower System DIY Installation and Review

In addition to being a very useful two-in-one shower head and wand combo (with five different settings on the shower head and three on the wand), the shower system includes additional attachments for the wand that give you more functionality. 

Peerless SideKick Shower System Review

There’s a pet attachment that will make giving your pets a bath a heck of a lot easier. Plus, there’s a silver dial on the wand itself which helps you control the amount of water pressure to your liking. 

Peerless SideKick Review

The teal pet attachment just slides right over and onto the wand, and once you’re done you can remove it and give it a good wash to remove any dirt or pet hair that may have gotten in there.

Pet attachment tool for Peerless SideKick Shower System

It’s been cold here, so Pee Wee hasn’t been subjected to a bath yet with this new tool because I don’t want him to be cold and his doggy arthritis to flare up. My sweet old man!

The other attachment is my personal favorite… the Peerless SideKick Shower System also comes with a cleaning attachment! I obsess over keeping our hex tile marble floor clean, so this will help me give it a quick scrub when I’m in the shower.

Peerless SideKick Cleaning Attachment

Personally, the useful attachments, powerful waterflow, sleek design, and the super easy DIY installation make this shower system a really good value and choice for families, especially those with pets and babies.

DIY Shower System Installation Tutorial

How to Install a Peerless SideKick Shower System

How to Install a Peerless SideKick Shower System

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Install a Peerless SideKick Shower System in under 15 minutes and with NO tools with this easy DIY tutorial.


  • 1 Peerless SideKick Shower System
  • Thread Seal Tape


  • Have a towel handy!


Remove your Peerless SideKick Shower System from the packaging

Remove your current shower head/wand: this may involve also having to disconnect a hose if you have a two-in-one combo (shower head and wand) or it may be as simple as unscrewing your current shower head from the arm by turning counter-clockwise. Set aside.

How to remove a showerhead

Apply some thread seal tape to the threads on the shower arm. We used about a one foot length and wrapped it around tightly.

Attach the shower head portion ONLY by carefully turning it clockwise onto the shower arm. Do not over tighten and do not use tools! Your own strength is more than enough.

Make sure it is on there securely before moving onto the next step.

Apply thread seal tape to the wand and on the shower head itself before connecting the hose to each.

Snap the wand into the shower head (on the bottom) and adjust the height and angle before testing.

Turn the water on to ensure there are no leaks (if there are, you may need to add more thread seal tape to the joint that is leaking).

First, we tested the shower head and the various settings.

Then we tested the wand, which has a rotator dial to control pressure AND also features a waterfall and pause water flow options. The waterfall option is great to bathe babies or little ones- so gentle!

And finally, we tested the shower head and wand on together.

Peerless SideKick Shower System Benefits

Daniel and I really love how sleek and easy the system was to install, and the various settings on the shower head and wand are plenty for us. 

Peerless SideKick System Review

The chrome finish pairs perfectly with the other finishes we have in our master bathroom

My favorite feature is definitely the two attachments that came with the Peerless SideKick Shower System– to be able to clean my tile and floor when I’m already in the shower is insanely convenient. The triangular shape of the cleaning attachment allows me to get into those corners well.

DIY Shower Head Installation Tutorial

I’ll also be able to quickly scrub soap scum off the glass door or the glass shelves in the shower stall. 

Another cool accessory it came with is a wand holder that you can easily attach to a flat/smooth/dry surface in your shower or bathtub via the included mounting tape (note: once you install the wand holder, don’t use your shower for at least 12 hours!) 

This allows you to place the wand somewhere other than the shower head if you need to.

Peerless SideKick Shower System

I chose to attach it to the left wall so that if I am cleaning or bathing Pee Wee, I can quickly set the wand aside without having to attach back into the shower head itself. 

I actually think I’ll use the wand and holder on days when I’m showering but don’t want my hair to get wet after I straighten it since the settings allow a user to turn on the shower head or wand independently (or both at the same time for a luxe spa experience).

Believe me when I tell you all that this shower system is useful in so many ways.

Peerless SideKick Shower System REVIEW

In a master bathroom, this will feel luxe and help you keep your shower clean. In bathrooms used by kids (and fur kids!), it will make bath time much easier for everyone involved.

You can learn more about the Peerless SideKick Shower System on their website and also find a retailer near you where you can purchase the system. 

If you have any questions, drop them in the comments. Thanks again to Peerless for the opportunity to collaborate and review this product.


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  1. Tamra
    January 2, 2019 / 10:34 pm

    Monica – I was looking for a combination shower head and wand just today and wasn’t able to find one. This is exactly what I wanted so I’m buying one asap!