Our Anniversary Vacation {Travel}

A week ago I was in Orlando with my darling husband. We were likely sipping on butter beer inside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter… and trying to put out of our heads how much we were paying for said butter beer.

It’s essentially magical cream soda. As in, I think it may have something illegal in it causing it to cost $3+ per cup. Hey, that’s still cheaper than Starbucks, isn’t it?

And while we were in Florida a mere week ago, 3 years ago today we got married. We pledged to be with each other forever. And everyday I am blessed that he hasn’t come to the realization that he committed to be with my crazy self forevermore.

Poor guy.

But for now I am going to leave you with some pictures from our vacation, and I promise to have a full review of our vacay soon. I am thinking of maybe a top 10 things I learned at Universal Studios kinda thing? We did our vacation on the cheap and want to spread our frugal travel skills to all of you wonderful people. Anything you’d like to know?

Happy anniversary, my dear Daniel. I love you more today than I did yesterday and I will love you more tomorrow than I did today.

Unless you forget to give me a card.

Then, all bets are off.