Office Tour- Wall #3

You can see before/after shots of my bookshelf over here, and trust me, it was chaos. Daniel and I just randomly threw crap onto the shelves, and we seriously didn’t care about how it looked. This was all BW (before wedding). Now that the wedding is done with, we care a lot more.

I was on one day, and I saw this image:


So, I thought about how much the shape/size resembled my bookshelf, and I set my heart on having something kind of like this.


Yeah, mine is kind of opposite in the color scheme, but it’s cool. I don’t want to blatantly copy the Martha ya know? Let’s start from the top and work down:

The top holds lots of magazines! I have more subscriptions than I can keep track of (and than I can read actually…yes, I mostly look at the pretty pictures, don’t judge me). I also hate to part with magazines, so this is good for me. I can keep 10-15 magazines in my pink tea kettle and I can hold a bunch more up here. The magazine holders are from World Market and cost me $8 for the set of 4. The pink vase on the left hand side was bought at Dollar Tree many years ago, and the vase on the right is leftover from the wedding. The polka dot thing is a scarf, and the brooches I had collecting dust in a jewelry box, so I am glad they get to be out and seen. Yes, the back of the polka dot vase is being held together by a binder clip because I couldn’t find a safety pin. Sue me. The florals are leftovers from my bridal shower. If you’d like to send me real flowers, I will give you a delivery address.




Moving on down the shelf…we come upon my gift-wrap lined shelves. I love it! I bought the gift wrap last year to wrap Gabriel’s birthday present (a Wii remote), and I had a ton leftover. So, I put it to good use to line the shelves. Bare:


Pee Wee inspecting the paper. 4 paws up, he says!


101_0275 All in! It looks kind of crappy and wrinkly here, but I promise it looks much smoother in person. I then added my Pier 1 magnetic chalkboard, which only cost me $18. I also had some cute little 2×3 frames from the Wal-Mart clearance section that I bought over a year ago.  The chalkboard is resting on my $3.00, white Goodwill shelf. I flipped the shelf upside down, and it’s the perfect shape & size for a pedestal.


Also in the above picture are 3 candle holders I bought at Hobby Lobby for $1 each. The 2 silver ones have black chandeliers on them. The center one is turquoise with turquoise rhinestones on the rim. The little blue bird also from Hobby Lobby, and he was 60-cents.


On the bottom is my free file folder creation along with a frame/picture we used at our wedding. Random flowers are strategically placed here for pops of color/texture. Now we move onto the bottom half of the bookshelf. It used to be filled in a really messy/random sort of way, and here it is all cleaned up and empty. I moved the spare shelf that used to be on the top half to the bottom part so we could have 3 sections instead of 2. Here it is with 2 sections:


Here it is with 3 sections- it houses our minimal collection of books, envelopes, craft supplies, and the bottom shelf has some of Daniel’s textbooks and the left hand part of the bottom shelf is entirely different types of paper. I like that I can keep this part closed because it is really stuffed, but at least it’s organized!


Up next is my baby (my other one, not the dog, and NO, not my husband either…) my ex-tacky gold shelf!


I love acrylic paints! I cannot get enough. My fave brands are Folk Art & Americana. Both are very cheap, and I use quite a bit of this stuff for my Etsy store. Here’s a shot of Wall #3 (with a peek at Wall #4).


Another angle:


I want to add more stuff to the shelf (like pictures, etc. hanging on the paper) like in the Martha Stewart pic, but to do that I may need to add some cork board to the back of the wrapping paper. That may be a future project.

We’re 75% done…Wall #4 coming up in a bit.