Office Tour- Wall #2

And on we go with our tour. Hope you grabbed some lunch! I did. I love my #8 from McDonald’s! The Southern Style Chicken Sandwich, with a diet coke of course. Gotta watch the calories.

This wall is the one that has my big window. I love windows, but I also love darkness, so I love that I get to have the best of both worlds in my office. On the left hand side of the wall is one of 2 black shelves.


This is before I added the pictures and stuff to the frames. Here’s the shelf with the additions:


I added pictures to the 2 picture frames, and I added a cute pink bird to the birdcage. I also used an orange rhinestone for the cat’s eye. See, I told you I was using these rhinestones everywhere! I also used the leftover silk florals from my bridal shower. I would love nothing more than to have real flowers in these vases at all times, but it’s so not going to happen.


Here’s a cool texture applied to the cat & birdcage thingy I found at Goodwill. I think it’s cute and unique.  


Some grainy wedding pictures. :o( The white frame on this shelf and the other shelf were wedding gifts. You can find similar frames at Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc. The white vases on both shelves are from either Goodwill or Dollar Tree. None of them was over $1.


The little blue frame below is from, you guessed it, the Michael’s $1 bin.


Up next is the window. The pair of curtains are from Hobby Lobby. Each panel cost me $14, and they’re super long! I was going to hem them, but then I read this post by Lindsay over at Living With Lindsay, and she says she likes her curtains to “pool” on the floor. If she can do it, so can I, so they “pool” on the floor. They’re 94” long I believe. One day when I have my house with tall ceilings, these curtains will be put to good use.


The curtains also serve as a canopy of sorts for my furbaby Pee Wee. He apparently loves canopy beds just like his mommy. The pillow was one that used to be in our bedroom until Pee Wee took it over, and now it’s his 2nd dog bed.



I LOVE him to pieces. Love you Pee Wee!!


Alrighty, you’ve seen enough of my furbaby. I could seriously post pictures of him all day. I am a proud mama.

Here’s a close-up of my spray painted curtain holdbacks (they used to be silver). I found these at Ross about 2 years ago for $1.99. They always have cheap stuff like this.


On we move to shelf #2. Here it is before I added a grainy wedding picture.


Here it is with a picture added to the frame:


The “B” plate with stand is from Kirkland’s. It was about $4, and it’s my new last name monogram, so my hubby bought it for me. Awww. The LOVE sign is from the Michael’s $1 bins and was used in our wedding on the picture table.



Vases from Goodwill and Dollar Tree.


Both of the shelves are from Hobby Lobby and were about $7.00 each, and I had to prime/paint them myself. Here they are primed with Kilz primer.


That’s about it for this wall since it’s mostly window. I really like the way my shelves came out! The black paint I used is by Rustoleum, and it’s a black semi-gloss. The quart cost me about $8 at Home Depot, and I used the same paint on my cabinet, which you’ll see in the Wall #4 post. The Kilz primer was $6 for a quart at Home Depot, and I had plenty left after using it on both shelves and my cabinet/printer stand.


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  1. Anonymous
    July 9, 2009 / 8:50 pm

    i think i might have to dog nap Pee Wee, he is too cute.