Office Tour- Door + Wall #1

I want to break up the posts, for your sake and for my sake. I have lots of how to instructions, and those will definitely have to be their own posts or else Blogger would probably shut down my blog because of how insanely long it’d be.

We’ll start at the door to my office and go from there. I’ll mention where the items were bought and the price when applicable. :o)


I made this sign for my door. The black part is actually a black cardboard insert that came in an order of paper recently, so I used it as a mat for the sign. The sign itself was downloaded from Flickr.

Now we’ll move along to wall #1,  which is immediately behind the door.


On this wall there is my damask memory board & 4 chandelier wall art prints. Also on this side is my Goodwill accent table which will eventually be painted turquoise. I wanted to hold off posting my office reveal until my free paint arrives, but I decided to carry on. And in the corner over in the back is my Home Goods chair and my Target pillow.

Let’s look at the wall stuff first, and then we’ll move on to the table. Sound good? Well, you don’t have a choice, but it made you feel all warm & fuzzy to be asked right? ;o)

 101_0524 101_0525 101_0526 101_0600

The 4 frames on the wall are from Dollar Tree. They’re document frames. I already had them on hand from a previous project, so all I had to do was print out the chandelier images after I colorized them purple, blue, lime green, and hot pink using Photoshop Elements 7. The memory board was previously in our bedroom (which is up next in the makeover list), so I brought it over to the office. It has a bunch of pics from my bridal showers and other random stuff. I also used 1 of my Mickey Mouse clips. Basically, the only thing I had to buy for this wall was the Mickey Mouse clip, and they were like $2.00 for the 8 I bought. Score!

Now we move onto the table. This is where I need YOUR help. PLEASE! The table is pretty big- it is about 24”x26”. Almost a perfect square. Right now it’s arranged like this:


I feel it’s like wasted space, but I don’t want it to be crowded. What do I do?!

Anyway, let’s look at the chandelier art. I love chandeliers, can you tell? I had a $1.00 frame from Target that I used for this project. I basically printed out a damask pattern (that I strategically colored using PSE 7), added in some $1 rhinestones (thank you Michaels $1 bins!) and stuck the felt chandelier onto the glass (again, Michaels $1 bin). I already had the chandelier from a previous wedding project, so all I bought was the frame and rhinestones. I end up using the flatback rhinestones on a lot of stuff in the office as you shall see. DIY tutorial on this project will be up soon. The chandelier art is sitting on top of an old box from notecards that someone gave me as a gift. The frame is only 7” tall, so I wanted some extra height.


You can also see the pretty ring holder I made. You can see the before and after here, but I am so happy I bought this little guy at Goodwill when I saw him for only 25-cents. Daniel seriously thought the thing was heinous, but when I saw the long, dainty neck I knew exactly what to use it for. I tend to leave my jewelry lying around everywhere (and then I accuse Daniel of losing it, I am terrible!), so I needed to get some pretty/functional jewelry storage. He is now my pretty, pearly metallic turquoise ring holder. It was easy to give him a makeover- I spray painted him with flat spray paint (94-cents at Wal-Mart), and then I used my Folk Art acrylic paint to give him about 5 coats of paint until he was metallic, pearly, and glossy. That’s about it!


Also on this table is my 50-cent random piece of junk garage sale find. Long title, I know. This project was inspired by all the pretty jewelry holders I see from Brighton & Urban Outfitters. I didn’t want to pay $20+ for a little tree type thing, so when I saw this at the garage sale I let out a “squee!” Again, Daniel looked at me like I was nuts when I got into the car with it, but isn’t it simply perfect?! I spray painted it using a white flat spray paint, and I covered up the screw tops using the rhinestones I mentioned above, and added some more rhinestones just for fun. It’s perfect to hang my earrings, necklaces, and even rings as you can see. I also ended up not using the Goodwill Lamp, so I left the bow on (it was too perfect to mess with), but I did grab the sparkly pin and used some other white satin ribbon to create a pretty bow on my new jewelry stand.




Right next to my jewelry stand, is my white porcelain butterfly. It has dum-dums right now, but I will probably fill it with some other candies soon.


And my favorite item on this table is my tea kettle magazine rack from Paperdoll Woodshop. It currently houses my Martha Stewart Living magazines, and I can’t wait to sit on the chair and read a new issue when it comes in the mail. Look at the way the heart reflects a heart shape onto the table. Swoon!


Finally, since I didn’t use the lamp I intended to use, I put in this lamp from Hobby Lobby that we had in our bedroom. It gives off a lot of light, and it’s pretty tall, which I like. I think I will spruce up the lampshade and get new tassels at a later date. Also on the table is a pair of coasters that I bought at Target years ago for $1 total. Love the Dollar Bins people! They are your friend!


Up next is my chair from Home Goods. It was $199, and it was by far the most expensive purchase. It’s so comfy and has built in storage, so I love it. It’s useful, and when we buy a house, this chair can easily match with any room we ever design/decorate.  The $14.99 Target pillow really ties in the chandelier stuff, yet again, so I am glad I was finally able to find this pillow in stores.


So, there ya have it, wall one & the door. Any suggestions on how to arrange the items on the table? I feel so lost, and I am totally open to suggestions! Wall #2 is up next (after lunch, I’m hungry!)