No Time for Blogging {DIY}

Well, hello there. Long time no chat, right? I know. But we’ve made more progress on the dining room, which means I’ve been both busy and without a place for my PC at times. Yes, I have my netbook, but nothing is better for blogging than a desktop computer where I can type easily, freely and comfortably. So here I am.

Can you believe there are less than 2 weeks until BlogHer 11? Yikes! I’m nervous. But before I delve into that (maybe), I need some help with tying up some loose ends on my dining room.

First of all, we got rid of that heinous ceiling fan in favor of a sparkly chandelier. We also added a light fixture where there wasn’t one before. AND we also installed new wide plank, handscraped flooring.





The paint color looks SUPER different in each picture, but I assure you it’s the same color in both.

The chandeliers are stunning. They are gorgeous. My heart melts every time I stare at them. And I do that daily.



The best thing about these chandeliers? The price. I snagged them for $49 each at Home Depot. You can, too. Go on, I’ll wait. I should note that it’s $49 once you add it your cart. Honestly, I almost purchased these chandeliers a month ago and they would have cost me $99 each. That is twice as much. Oh and if you decide to buy, use eBates to get a percentage back from your purchase. I am all about being fabulous and thrifty.

Disclaimer: the chandelier is made of acrylic, not crystal, so if that’s important to you, don’t buy it. Personally, you can’t tell the difference unless you touch it. This is coming from a girl who is super picky about that sorta thing. These chandys are STUNNING. Promise.

What else has changed? Well, this wall was torturing me. At first it was white…


Then I painted it urbane bronze from Sherwin Williams…


And I told myself I liked it. You all told me you liked it.

I hated it.

Why? Well, I felt like then I was going more and more into dark accents, and therefore a dark room. Complete opposite of my original intention/inspiration:


That’s why I painted over the urbane bronze. I can finally rest again.


It’s a gray, almost white color- silverpointe by Sherwin Williams. It’s subtle, calm, and will look good with most color palettes that I love. Oh and hey, you can also get a glimpse of our new countertops!

I’ve talked about curtains before, and I am coming to the conclusion that I am cheap/poor, I need 95” long curtains and that those 2 things are going to make it impossible to find stylish curtains. For now I hung up some Target curtains I had on hand to see if I liked the color/length. Love the color, hate the 84” length.



The color looks a bit more aqua-ish in person rather than the slate blue in the pics. That’s what happens when you decide to blog at 8 pm when the sun has left the premises.

I am liking the color, loving even, but do you all think I need pattern? I don’t want my dining/office/living room to feel one-dimensional, safe, boring.

I looked at the Pier 1 peacock curtains…no go. Too dark, too much gold because of the feathers.


Then I bought these from Amazon:


The color was baby blue, the design thread is copper, they had random snags/tears/stains, plus they weren’t lined. Back to Amazon they went. Oh and in case you do buy them, make sure they’re all the right length. The ones I had varied from 79”-82”. Not cool.

I saw these beauties at World Market a few weeks back, and I cannot get them out of my mind. They are gorgeous in person; the pics on their website do not do them justice. Period.


One problem: $43 per panel. That’d be about $200 with tax/shipping on 4 curtain panels. FOUR. I know this may not seem like much to some people, but to me, that’s hard to swallow. They were on sale (in-store only) last week, and as you may have guessed, they were sold out. They would have cost me only about $31/panel. And even worse? The guy said they’re discontinued.


They’re still available on the website, in the length I need, but not at the sale price I want. Come on World Market, put out a coupon ASAP.

I’ve searched high and low on the internet for something that strikes my fancy, and I keep coming up empty handed. The ones I currently have up (the blue ones) are available in the 95” length from Target, but I really want to have some sort of pattern or interesting feature to the curtains. I’ve looked at JCP, Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, Sears, KMart, Brylane Home, Curtain Works, IKEA, World Market, Pier 1, Marshalls, Ross, Dillards, Kohls, Macys… is there anywhere I am missing? Help!

Ah, it feels so good to talk to you all again. Hopefully this room will be done soon so I can blog, tweet and ramble to all of you lovely people.

Now help me find some curtains!




  1. Carolyn
    July 21, 2011 / 2:32 am

    The room is coming together beautifully. FYI… I've gotten some great Pottery Barn curtains on ebay for amazing prices. Brand new in the original packaging. You definitely need the longer ones.

  2. Go Against The Grain
    July 21, 2011 / 3:06 am

    love how your room is coming along! the chandeliers look great!

  3. Melz
    July 21, 2011 / 3:06 am

    Check which is Home Depot's sister store. I got some nice ones on the cheap. Your dining area is looking FAB!! 🙂

  4. o0fefe0o
    July 21, 2011 / 3:32 am

    Have you looked at Bed Bath & Beyond? They almost always have coupons 🙂

  5. The Little Flapper
    July 21, 2011 / 3:35 am

    Everything looks really nice. Really admire how much hard work your putting into your home, that's true dedication :)P.S. You should check out Michaela's blog, she always has great home decor advice!

  6. Brat_Soldier_Wife
    July 21, 2011 / 4:55 am

    I have been waiting for your dining room to be finished. It looks great. You were always so creative. Have you ever thought of making the curtains yourself? I made some for my sewing room. I went to Joann's and found a print I liked then hemmed the top and bottoms. And if you like the grommet openings those are way to easy to do.

  7. paper mill designs
    July 21, 2011 / 4:29 pm

    I actually really like the blue ones that are currently hanging–it looks like they have a nice weight and texture. It might be cool to see if you could add a contrasting fabric to the bottom of those to get the trim you like? I'm a sucker for stripes right now.Good luck!

  8. Kristen
    July 22, 2011 / 2:25 am

    Your room is gorgeous! And I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for posting about the deal on the chandelier! I have had it "pinned" to buy forever and have always talked myself out of it. With your info about the 1/2 price deal and your pictures, I finally took the plunge! I was originally going to put it in my bedroom but I think it may hang too low over my bed. If it doesn't work there, I can always put it in my office/craft room! Love your blog!! 🙂

  9. SuzRocks
    July 24, 2011 / 7:33 pm

    Love what you're doing to the room- those chandeliers are awesome! We just found a new place to live in for when I'm done with grad school, and I've been planning non-stop of what I'm going to do to it. Can't wait to talk about all this stuff in person at Blogher!

  10. despar2
    July 26, 2011 / 3:46 pm

    hi..your room is coming along great! have you checked West Elm? Sometimes they have sales and at times offer free shipping.

  11. Anonymous
    July 29, 2011 / 6:58 am

    Great blog =]I am following you for obvious reasons ;] would love for you to check me out as well tootlesV.

  12. Natalie Redd
    August 3, 2011 / 5:14 pm

    What about making your own cornice boards then you could move your rod down behind your board and then your curtains would hang longer. I just did some boards and found great tutorials online.

  13. Nicole
    March 28, 2012 / 10:05 am

    I just discovered your blog from Pinterest and I think it's great! I'm sure you have resolved your curtain issue by now, but has a great selection of curtains, plus lighting, fixtures and even hardware for the entire house (don't mean to sound like an ad, but I have always dreamed of remodeling my own home–just need the home first) and they have a big return on ebates as well. If you haven't checked them out, you should! Good luck with your upgrades, it's all looking great.