My Social Fabric Experience as a Latina Blogger #MyColectiva

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This post has been compensated as part of a recruiting program for Collective Bias.

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I’m so proud to announce that I am part of the ColectivaLatina Advisory Board! It’s the latest addition to the awesomeness that is Collective Bias, and I am hoping my experiences and thoughts as a Latina blogger or bloguera will be useful and help pave the way for more opportunities for my fellow Latino/a bloggers. I couldn’t be more excited or thrilled to partner with them because I believe in them, and more importantly, I feel they believe in me. This new division will focus on bringing the Latino/a stories together with brands to create campaigns that will resonate with Latino/a consumers. To me this is exciting because it’ll bring about some amazing authentic content and some diversity to the blogosphere.

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I’ve been a member of Collective Bias/Social Fabric for about 2.5 years, and I owe much of my blogging success in recent years to the community. I’ve participated in opportunities that would likely have never come my way without being a part of this very supportive, positive, and authentic community. One of my favorite opportunities was participating in the launch of Ms. Brown in 2012 in NYC and meeting Vanessa Williams! Never in a million years did I think I’d get to be a part of something so fun, special, and exciting.

Ms. Brown NYC Launch #shop

Ms. Brown NYC Launch #shop

I’ve also worked with brands that I love and trust such as Elmer’s, Sony, Milk-Bone, and so many others. Many of the craft and recipe projects I’ve done as part of a shoppertunity/campaign are some of the most popular projects pinned from my blog thanks to the increased traffic and exposure that comes from being a member. They tweet out our posts, they highlight the best posts in Issuu magazines, and they generally just help drive eyeballs to your excellent content. (Photo below is a recipe I developed for the Petit Jean campaign) We’re compensated very fairly for our hard work and efforts, and the extra income has helped my family a lot.

Breakfast Casserole Recipe #shop

What’s even better is that sometimes the brands will even highlight your content on their web portal. Kmart highlighted my Frugal & Fab Halloween Décor post that I did for a Kmart campaign. That’s super amazing, and I remember being over the moon thrilled with seeing my blog highlighted on a national brand’s website. I’ve also been featured at, so all these little things combined result in a HUGE increase in my traffic and content quality. They encourage, educate, and motivate us to improve ourselves by providing opportunities to learn more and be mentored by other bloggers.

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As a Latina blogger, I feel like I have many chances to showcase my work in the community, and I also feel like I matter. My content matters. My ideas matter. My blog matters. Those are all very important to me. Not all the opportunities have a Latino/a focus, but with the variety of campaigns that they offer, there’s truly a place for any Latino/a blogger. I think there will be many great things to come from this new addition to Collective Bias, and I know my positive experiences will continue. Plus, I’m excited to forge forward in new campaigns that allow me to show off my Latina roots.

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