My Office…sucks.

We’ve lived in our apartment for about 2 years now. When we moved in it was nothing but new furniture and a few picture frames.Now, it’s been taken over by damask devils. Damask stuff is everywhere (mostly wedding related) and I am going nuts. I hate it. My wedding is now about 22 days away (HOORAY!) and I am happy to be getting rid of the stuff that has taken over every square inch of my home. However, if there’s a room that has felt it the most, it’s our 2nd bedroom/home office. Example A:Photobucket

Example B:PhotobucketI have lots of inspiration pictures, but I will share the ones that MOST reflect the look I am going for (vintage, shabby, bright, damask, unique, organized):PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPicture 1 is from the oh-so-fabulous Decor8 Blog.Picture 2 is from Martha’s website. Yes, I said Martha. I buy enough of her products to be on a first name basis with her. Pictures 3 and 4 are from Rhoda’s fabulous blog. I am addicted to her blog! So many great DIY/how to posts. So, as you can see, I want lots of black & white, damask, and bright colors. And my budget is $550.00 and I want a lot of junk. Namely, I want a chair, accent table, and ottoman. More on those things in an upcoming post. I feel overwhelmed with this project, but at the same time I am ridiculously excited (and challenged) on decorating my office so that it is functional and fabulous and relatively cheap.Can I do it? Stay tuned!