My Blogging Throne: At Home Bird Chair

I officially have a blogging throne and she’s a beauty. She’s got curves, shiny nailheads, sultry legs, and impeccable style.

I totally just objectified my new chair from At Home. Just to clarify, the name of the store is At Home, and it’s owned by Garden Ridge. From what I can tell, Garden Ridge is totally revamping their stores to be At Home. This is great news because Garden Ridge went from a go-to place for home décor supplies to a endless pit of medical scrubs, books, and random made for TV items. It’s not like that AT ALL anymore with the new At Home revamp. Thank goodness, because in just 2 visits to the new Corpus Christi location, my husband and I are hooked. They have a ton of stuff, and it’s at ridiculously good prices.

And no, this is not a sponsored post, I just had to share my great fortune in finding my ahhhh-may-zing new desk chair. I used to blog from one of my trusty ghost chairs (that I also love), but they’re not comfy for hours of blogging. My new chair has the perfect place to rest my arms and head, plus it is plush and screams luxury. It has PINK VELVET, y’all.

Plus, it has a ton of birds.

At Home Bird Chair Review & Photos

At Home Bird Chair Review & Photos

Besides the pink velvet center and lots of cute birds also reside beautiful nailheads. Now, it’s totally the nailhead trim and not individually nailed in nailheads…but I’ll take it.

At Home Bird Chair Review & Photos

The curve of the back hugs me as sit in it, and overall it’s just a great accent chair or a desk chair. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one in a different fabric for my home.

At Home Bird Chair Review & Photos

At Home Bird Chair Review & Photos

At only $199.99, this chair is a steal! I’ve seen far simpler chairs sold for much higher prices at comparable retailers. I give this chair 5 out 5 stars! It gives my dining/office space a much needed pop of color and pattern. And please excuse the mess in the background—I really need to clean up my counters. It’s a never ending chore.

While we were shopping at At Home, we also saw these dining chairs that very much fit in with the current reclaimed wood/Restoration Hardware-esque vibe that everyone seems to be lusting after.

Restoration Hardware look a like chair (1/3 of the price of RH). Via

At only $129.99 a chair, these are a definite look for less kind of item. The RH version is $389 (on sale) or $429 regularly, meaning that you can get 3 chairs for the price of 1.

Restoration Hardware look a like chair (1/3 of the price of RH). Via

Insane. This makes me want to order my new dining table stat so I can go snag these chairs. Aren’t they gorg?

So, that’s my latest purchase that I simply had to gush about.

Have you bought any furniture or accessories lately that you want to rave about? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section!



  1. Cairn
    June 24, 2014 / 11:58 am

    Love the chair! So glad you said that the At Home store is the former Garden Ridge. They must be changing ours now because it says coming soon on their website and I have seen one that is supposed to be built not far from us. Can't wait to go!

    • Monica @
      June 24, 2014 / 12:48 pm

      It's a really great store! I think the small furniture, rugs, and textiles are probably the most on trend/affordable. The artwork section is still the mass produced stuff, but the mirrors are gorgeous, too! I hope it opens up soon so you can go.