My $1.49 Tree

Yup, $1.49.

However, I got charged $1.99 for it, but that’s okay since those extra 50-cents go to Goodwill, which I happen to puffy heart. (AKA- Love- a lot)

I hadn’t been to Goodwill in awhile, and that was mainly because I was becoming a pack-rat. And then I have these moments (usually on the weekends, when you know, I’m supposed to be relaxing) where I completely flip out and something like this happens…

Me: Daniel, we have too much stuff. Let’s declutter. (usually I say this at 9 am on a Saturday morning)

Daniel: What do you mean “we”? You’re the one that keeps buying crap.

Me: <Alarmed look> What? What’s that supposed to mean? (here’s the point where my lower lip starts quivering)

Daniel: It means you’re the one that buys crap. <Insert exasperated look>

Me: Bet you don’t mind when she buys crap. (oh, it’s on!)

Daniel: Who’s she?

Me: You know. Her. The other one.

Daniel: What?

Me: I’m gonna pack up stuff to give to Goodwill.

Daniel: Didn’t you just buy that stuff from Goodwill? Who’s she?

Me: Bet you wouldn’t get mad at her.

Daniel: I’m lost.

Me: Me too. Can you help me clean?

Daniel: Um, ok.

I paraphrased, but you get the point. And no, my husband isn’t cheating on me, but I always take the conversation there. He forgot bread at the grocery store? He wouldn’t have forgot it for her. He leaves the toilet seat up. Never, ever would fathom doing that to her. Anyway.

Point being that my own fear of clutter and no closet space has led me to keep my Goodwill adventures in check. Now I go like once a month, whereas before I was going like twice a week.

I think drugs would be an easier habit to break because it made me sad not to go to Goodwill. Very. And apparently delusional as well. (love ya D!)

I went last week, not looking for anything in particular when I saw it.


For only $1.49, I couldn’t pass it up.

And neither could Pee Wee as evidenced below:


Hhmm, I wonder if I could pee on this. I think I could, why not? This is America.


It has no green stuff though. Wait, I am colorblind and don’t know what green is. I think I am going to pee on it.

And yes, that is a Longhorn/UT sweater. It’s cold, and it’s my college, so there.

I usually see these types of trees at Easter. They look much the same, except with hanging eggs and bunnies. You know, real creative stuff.

But I had big dreams for my little tree. I wanted a tree for my office that I could decorate without having the husband interfere. This meant three colors: aqua, lime, and hot pink. A truly GIRLY tree that would be ALL mine. And that didn’t require lights because I just don’t have an outlet to spare with all my chargers and gadgets.

I set out to Dollar Tree which is my source for all things great in life (right, Ashley?) and I came up empty handed. They have NOTHING left in the cute and little ornament department. Except those ugly mini-dog ornaments that don’t look like dogs at all. They look like brown mini-rocks with eyes drawn on by a 3-year old.

Next, I went to Wal-Mart, which of course had stuff (helloooo, it’s Wal-Mart) but it wasn’t as cheap as I’d like. But, I am impatient, so I bought it anyway.

I bought white garland, 8 aqua jewels, 6 hot pink ornaments, and 6 sparkly green stars. And for the topper, a starburst/snowflake ornament. I had a blue sweater-ish dust rag from Dollar Tree on hand that I had just washed to cover the base (I didn’t want to spray paint it so I could easily switch out ribbons/colors/etc.) and a snowflake pin I bought for a quarter at Wal-Mart a few years ago.

And here she is:







I love the way it looks in my office when I have candles lit and the light catches the sparkles on the ornaments!

Cost breakdown:

Tree- $2

Ornaments- $7 (20 ornaments + topper)

Garland- $3.50

All other items on hand- $0

Total= $12.50

Not bad for a cute tree that required minimal effort to make into something tres chic!

What do you think?



  1. Gwen
    December 10, 2009 / 3:27 am

    Your tree is wonderful, but did PW end up peeing on it or not? Inquiring minds want to know. Okay, not so much inquiring as crazy people that haven't taken their happy pills yet today want to know.Love the sweater on PW, do they sell it in Xtra Large, kick your butt, bigger than their mommy size? I don't think that Murphy will make it to college, but a mom can dream;)

  2. Embellished Bayou
    December 10, 2009 / 3:41 am

    Love it, so cute & festive!

  3. Lilji Love
    December 10, 2009 / 5:41 am

    Eeeek!! This post is too cute!! The tree looks lovely but most of all I love love love that conversation with your partner!! heehee!! And Pee Wee is too cute too!! xoxo

  4. Travis & Meagan Hogg
    December 10, 2009 / 3:58 pm

    I love PW's sweater! Snuggles has the same one! They are twins 🙂 You crack me up, Mon!