#MMSMuseum Good Enough to Eat {NYC Trip}

I am back! Sorry for my slight delay in posting this recap. I’ve been so sick with flu like symptoms since last Friday. Doesn’t it seem that one always gets sick after a vacation? It’s like my body is rejecting getting back to some sense of routine after 3 whirlwind days of fun in NYC.

The M&M’S Museum of Chocolate Art was AMAZING. It was a limited engagement kind of thing…it was open from last Wednesday through Sunday, February 12. But do not fret if you didn’t make it out to the exhibit in NYC, you can take a virtual tour by clicking on the video below OR by reading my recap post right here, right now.

First of all, I didn’t know what to expect when attending the grand opening of the M&M’S Museum. Was it going to be treasured M&M’S memorabilia? Was it going to be Ms. Brown via costume or something more creative? Being that I have been obsessed with journalism (AKA: being nosey) all my life, I googled and googled trying to find stuff about the event before I headed out to NYC. I found nothing.

That is, until the night before. I read that M&M’S Museum would be on Broadway St. in NYC and that Vanessa Williams was the voice behind the sassy Ms. Brown.

So, with that tidbit of knowledge, I headed out with my fellow bloggers and Collective Bias staff members to the grand opening soiree!

We were greeted by a very chocolaty version of Ms. Brown. I was so impressed with the statue. It was amazing! I cannot even imagine all the work and effort it took to make her AND transport her over to NYC.


Then I started to walk around and noticed all the fabulous artwork commemorating Ms. Brown’s journey throughout the years at M&M’S. All the artwork is made from chocolate. Yes, all of it. The frames, the colors used, etc…all chocolate. It smelled divine in there. So sweet and delish!







When I wasn’t oogling all the truly remarkable artwork displayed everywhere, I was oogling Ms. Brown’s fabulous taste in furniture and décor. Hey, that’s my main obsession in life: home furnishings. The furniture and floral arrangements/décor in the gallery were so lux and simply perfect for the event. They are understated and timeless chic: tufted sofas, nailhead trimmed chairs and lush, neutral florals.




And then…oh my gosh…and then Vanessa Williams walks in. I was so excited. She was so gracious and not intimidating to be around. She seemed very down to earth. By the end of the evening I was calling her V and saying she was my BFF. Ok, so I wasn’t saying any of that to Vanessa, but in my mind, we were BFF’s. Maybe it’s because of the yummy drinks I was sipping on.


Imagine me about 50 pounds lighter in the picture below. Ugh. I am a cow. But anyway… here’s me with the Collective Bias staff/fellow bloggers. I adore the bloggers I got to hang out with last week and the Collective Bias team made sure we were well taken care of. Love them all.


Aren’t they both gorgeous? And they both love high heels.



Overall, the event was a smashing success, and I am so very thankful to have been chosen to go. I’ve never been selected for anything like that before, and I am truly honored. I love M&M’S and Collective Bias dearly, so I just wish I could adequately express how utterly grateful I am for the experience they provided to me. Blogging means a lot to me, and it means so much to have others like my blog and appreciate my efforts. I’ll leave you all with some more photos from the M&M’S Museum of Chocolate Art. Don’t forget to follow Ms. Brown all over the web- she is quite the celeb!

M&M’S Website M&M’S on Twitter M&M’S on Facebook





Be back tomorrow with a Valentine’s Day treat and on Wednesday I’ll post my final NYC recap filled with all the touristy things I did. xoxo!

This post has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.  All opinions, photos, M&M’S and ideas are all my own. #MMSMuseum #cBias


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  1. TheNextMartha
    February 15, 2012 / 2:26 am

    Wow. That looks like it was so much fun. And that party? Fancy. Really fancy. So cool that you got to meet Ms. V too. She's pretty. I do rather like the new characters personality.