Metallic Damask Flourish Mirror {DIY Tutorial #ExpressYourself}

Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows I am obsessed with 2 things:

damask and metallic finishes

That’s why when I got selected to participate in a crafty/DIY tutorial project using Painters Paint Markers by Elmers on a glass surface, I knew I had to do something metallic, damask-ified and mirrored.

Daniel and I revamped our closet in December (which reminds me I need to show you all the before and after, don’t I?) and I’ve been wanting a mirror for the closet. Everywhere I’ve looked has been expensive, and with the bathroom reno still underway, I just couldn’t justify the expense.

Then I remembered I had one of those cheapy door mirrors that we took down during the closet reno, and I thought to myself, how could I spruce it up?

Inspiration hit.

After a quick trip to Walmart, I was ready to go.

Let me show you how it all went down.



-Painters Paint Markers in gold and silver, medium point

-Standard $5 door mirror

-Straight edge (I used a yardstick and a ruler)

You start with a mirror…


Very run of the mill, very boring.

Make sure it’s clean and dry.

Now, I grabbed the silver Painters Paint Marker and haphazardly painted the border of the mirror. No rhyme or reason, just paint.


It should take you no more than 5 minutes. If it does, you’re overthinking it!

Grab the gold marker and do the same thing all over again until you’ve achieved a metallic, rustic, aged look. This might require multiple coats to achieve the desired look. I wanted the brown to still come through with flecks of gold and silver all over. Again, there is no wrong way to do this.


Then I grabbed one of my self-adhesive, reusable stencils and painted gold damask flourishes on the diagonal on all 4 corners.


I wasn’t too stressed about it coming out perfect because I wanted my mirror to look as if it were old and shabby and maybe vintage chic. Like something you’d find in a dusty old Parisian boudoir.


Finally, I grabbed my silver Painters Paint Marker and a straight edge and I connected all 4 damask flourishes together to form a simple border.



Do you realize how hard it is to photograph a mirror?! I hope these pictures do it justice.




In case you’re wondering where exactly you can find Painters Paint Markers at Walmart, here’s where:

In the paint section, in this nifty area. I love the craft section at my Walmart. It fills the void of Hobby Lobby being 40 miles away.

Found them! They are easy to spot because of all the brightly colored caps and all the $1.97 price tags.

So many colors that I don't seem to see in the 5-packs. I love the pink/coral color in the bottom left hand corner.

Lots of colors and only $1.97 each.

I adore my new mirror.


What’s even better is that the Painters Paint Markers are very opaque (not transparent) and they dry super fast, but if I want to get rid of the paint all I need to do is get a cotton ball + nail polish remover and it wipes right off. I did try to clean my mirror with Windex, and the paint didn’t wipe off unless I really scrubbed. So I have to be somewhat careful when cleaning my mirror.

I have some other ideas of how to use the paint markers… I’d like to use the metallic markers to do a trellis stencil as an accent wall in my home office or maybe find a square mirror and use the paint markers to make a perpetual calendar and just use dry erase markers to make notes and such on it.

I need to keep a list and get on it, don’t I?

Have you tried Painters Paint Markers? They’d be lovely to incorporate into summer activities for those of you with little ones home from school. To see more ideas of how you can use these markers, check out the #ExpressYourself hashtag on Twitter or follow Elmer’s on Twitter & Facebook. Lots of bloggers did projects with these markers on other surfaces like wood, paper, etc. Worth a look!

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  1. viewfromdownhere
    May 14, 2012 / 1:31 pm

    Ok, that is super super cute! You took a rather plain mirror and made it look so cool. I wish I had half the creativity to do that!

  2. Mallery
    May 14, 2012 / 2:30 pm

    Your mirror turned out great! This would make a perfect addition for the right theme. Good job!

  3. Beeb
    May 15, 2012 / 3:56 am

    Pretty! Love the gold!

  4. Ruby
    May 17, 2012 / 10:31 pm

    very cool! I think I can totally pull something similar off for the kids. My little lady is currently obsessed with out mirror she runs to it as soon as i'm done with her hair lol Thanks for sharing!

  5. Maureen Fitzgerald
    May 18, 2012 / 1:33 am

    Such a subtle change makes all the difference in the feel of the mirror – gorgeous!!