The Master Boudoir {Home Décor}

I know that there are lots of people/bloggers that move into a home, and a year later it’s done, it’s fabulous and it’s magazine ready.

I am not of those people/bloggers, so it takes me FOREVER to get a room done because of time and money. Let’s face it, both are hard to come by sometimes. Hence why after I tackled the living room last November, I waited until February to start the dining room and it’s still not done. Now, I’d say it’s 85% of the way there. I need artwork, touch up paint and accessories. Those little final touches that will make my dining/office/craft space really chic and have a wow factor. So until it’s 100% of the way done, I’m not showing you all anymore pictures. None. Ok, maybe a few on Facebook (hint, hint…)

But what will I work on after this dining room is done with? Well, the title of my post says it all. The boudoir. I know it’s not a room anyone will see much besides my husband, Pee Wee and I (plus you lovely people), but it is a room I despise. It’s got a king bed in it (just a mattress + bed frame), a random desk and bookshelf and my old, black printer stand. UGLY. It is UGLY up in there. I want to be able to plop into bed in a restful, hotel like, glamorous bedroom, so it is my next DIY makeover that I have planned.

There’s a few things we have definitely decided on:

Flooring: Will be the same as the one we have in the dining room.


Bedding: The set we got on clearance for $15 at Target.

Wall Color: Sharkey gray by Martha Stewart (color matched PERFECTLY by Sherwin Williams. Thank God.) Here’s a sample photo I found online of the color…


Image Credit: A Simple Kind of Life

Headboard: Uber expensive one we (we being Daniel more than me) love from Pottery Barn (shown in Sage, we’re buying Buckwheat)


I know some people may get judgy about the price or tell me I can DIY, to which I say, sorry. Not going to DIY because I am a PERFECTIONIST and will hate anything I make. And the price, well. Oh well. Sometimes you have to splurge. I do have a coupon that is knocking about $100+ off.

Curtains: I snagged these for $14 a panel on clearance at Target


Nightstands: This will be a Goodwill revamp. I’ve had a pair of nightstands I bought at Goodwill for $7 each that will be getting a drastic makeover. Everything I’ve shown you all thus far has been very neutral, so trust me, these nightstands will bring in a pop of color to the room. Especially when paired with this hardware I love from Lowe’s:


I still need lamps (also might be a makeover/DIY project with some Krylon), a rug, a TV stand, wall art, vanity area, etc. but overall the main pieces of the room have been chosen. Now, I still look to Pinterest often to get ideas and inspiration for the vibe I want set forth when you look at my space, so here’s the top 5 that reflect my design vision (click on photo to be taken to Pinterest/source).






All of them are different, yet cohesive in some way…should be interesting to see how it all turns out.

What does your master bedroom look like? Any ideas or suggestions for our bedroom that I haven’t thought about yet? I would love a recommendation for a perfect all-season duvet that is affordable/reasonable in price.



  1. Anonymous
    October 24, 2011 / 2:20 pm

    If you are looking for a duvet – like an insert? I got the All Season Supreme Down Alternative Comforter for around $40 for a king from Overstock. Not as heavy as some down comforters, it was only too hot during the worst of the heat wave here in Oklahoma. I'm pretty warm natured and it was fine. It doesn't have a lot of overhang, though- so you need a skirt or pretty box spring. They're out of stock right now, but it is still on there. Another alternative is an all-season down or down alternative blanket- not nearly as thick either. You can always put another blanket on the bed.

  2. despar2
    October 24, 2011 / 3:09 pm

    Monica, I love your design inspiration. I understand about having a budget. We do the same thing and rooms take forever to do. I am looking forward to your reveal .. have a wonderful day.

  3. Dear Wallet,
    October 24, 2011 / 6:17 pm

    I love your inspiration rooms, especially the black and white one with the mirror wall! Your room will look fabulous when it's done I can't wait to see! I'm jealous over that headboard, I want one like it but I'm determined to make it myself. And paranoid because I'm a perfectionist too!

  4. QueenBee3200
    October 25, 2011 / 12:00 am

    I really like the 1st and last picture. I'd love to also do a make-over on my bedroom. It's so small though.

  5. Kassi @ Truly Lovely
    October 25, 2011 / 4:12 pm

    Love the idea of gray walls! I just painted our guest bedroom a fun gray color. Love it! 🙂 I have yet to do anything with our master… So it's pretty blah… Hoping to gather some inspiration from yours! It looks quite classy and chic! 🙂

  6. Go Against The Grain
    October 28, 2011 / 10:28 pm

    loving all your ideas. Can't wait to see how it comes together. LOVE that last picture you shared. I want that bedding.

  7. Dariela
    November 3, 2011 / 2:56 am

    I feel like I'm just like you! I also take años decorating a room. I just moved 3 months ago to a tiny apartment and thought that because it's little it would be easier but NO! It takes me very long too.Anyways, at least you have a good plan laid down. I kind of go with the flow and have a few things written down and a few things on my head. I rely a lot on Pinterest so I can remember what I want and like!I love your ideas, hope you get as much time and money to get it done soon!For a duvet I really love Ikea's I live in SAn Diego so the weather is not sooo different during the year but what I love the most is that I am able to change the cover if I wish!

  8. November 12, 2011 / 2:43 am

    Those curtains make my mouth water. I think I need help;)

  9. Mommy This and That
    November 28, 2011 / 4:32 am

    We painted our bedroom walls gray when we moved into our house in 2004. It's a color called Klondike and we always get complimented on it when we give a tour of the house. Probably the only thing in the bedroom that gets a compliment because other than it? The room is just a room with no real flow. I hate it and hope to one day have it be a room that beckons me! Can't wait to see your final outcome!