The Luxe for Less {Ottomans}

Hi everyone!  I am back again for a weekly installment of the Luxe for Less. I think this type of post will be posted two times a week, what do you all think of that? Maybe feature 3-5 items?

Like Gwen said in the comments section of my first L4L (luxe for less) post, it’s sometimes easier, less messy and overall better to just find something for cheaper than it is to try and make everything. Or so I think. Mostly because I don’t want to be up to my elbows in saw dust, spray paint and glue gun stringy things. You can relate, right?

Ottomans are something that can either be seen as an accessory or as necessary. I can see it both ways: In my living room I would love, love, love a cocktail table that functions as an ottoman, but in my bedroom I’d love a bench/ottoman that would in all likelihood be more decorative than functional (example: at the foot of the bed). Actually, if it was at the foot of the bed, I am pretty sure my dog Pee Wee would be like, “Holy crap, a new bed for me. AND it’s TUFTED! OMG mom, you shouldn’t have. Actually, you should because I am the king/diva of this house. Time for a nap. Where’s my matching tufted pillow?”

And then it’d be covered in dog hair. See, this is why I want inexpensive stuff in my home.

Item #1: Sullivan Leather Ottoman from Pottery Barn


$899 from Pottery Barn + Shipping + $50 delivery surcharge + tax


$270 from Overstock + $2.95 shipping


Or if you have your heart set on the saddle brown color, but not necessarily the leather, then this $99 ottoman from Overstock might fit the bill.

Item #2: The Crosby Stool from Williams-Sonoma Home


$1317 on sale from Williams-Sonoma + Shipping & Tax


You can buy 2 of the Williams-Sonoma and spend about $3K, or buy one of the above benches for $310 at Overstock + $2.95 shipping

Item #3: Fairfax Custom Square Ottoman from Williams-Sonoma Home


$637-$1,487 on sale from Williams-Sonoma + Tax & Shipping


$471 from Ballard Designs + Tax & Shipping (and this ottoman is 4” bigger PLUS has storage)

Item #4: Tufted Leather Ottoman from Neiman Marcus


$1729 from Neiman Marcus + $335 delivery/processing + tax


$357 from Overstock +  $2.95 shipping (plus it has a shelf!)

Hope these deals help someone out, and if you have an item you need to find for less, e-mail me!

**Disclaimer: I’ve never personally bought any of the items featured. Remember, sometimes you get what ya pay for, so read reviews and such before making any purchase regardless of price!**




  1. Anonymous
    September 21, 2010 / 1:50 pm

    ooh that last one is my fav!

  2. September 22, 2010 / 2:48 am

    Item #2 really shocked me because I HATED the Williams Sonoma one. It looks like a supped up camping chair, but I LOVE the Overstock one. It has more presence.