Like a kid in a candy store.

I went to Wal-Mart during my lunch hour today with a purpose. Pee Wee kept me up all night, and I wanted to avoid that situation again. My poor baby was shaking his head violently, and I think it’s because something inside his ears is bothering him. So, I went to Google, came up with something about ear mites, and then I went to Wal-Mart to find a solution. I park my car in the very front parking space (oh yeah!) and I waltz on in. The girl at the entrance greets me and asks if I need a basket. I smile, say no thanks, and keep walking in.

A minute later I am turning around and telling the greeter I do need a basket. Stat. Hurry. Only one left.

I happened to walk right into the brand, spankin’ new college/dorm 09 section. It’s all in MY office colors. All of it! The colors are all white, black, orange, purple, lime, hot pink, and pool blue. HEAVEN! First thing I saw? Uber cute flash drives. 4 GB for $12.00. I picked one up in the turquoise color. Then I keep walking and I see a cute hot pink lamp. I need one for my office desk because I have no light on that desk, and it’s hard to see/read/function in the evening. I couldn’t find a pic of it online, but it’s sort of like this and was only $5.00. Mine doesn’t have a spiral base, it’s just flat.


I keep walking some more and they have cute desk chairs (the basic task chair type thing for $24), storage bins, pillows, sheets, plates, etc. BUT what made my feet move super fast was the ottoman section. Only ONE hot pink ottoman was left, and at $19.00 it was a deal I was NOT passing up. I was ready to beat anyone down who got in the way. Seriously. MY ottoman. I was thinking about making an ottoman (yes, I am that crazy), but now I don’t have to. And it has storage built in! Now my chair and ottoman both have extra storage. <insert me doing a happy dance>

Sadly, no picture of it online. I’ll post pics once it’s all in my office tonight. I guess this means I am officially way over budget. Oh well.

A lot of the merchandise is available online, here are some of my faves:


22” LCD TV- $238.00


Rug- $35.00-$75.00


Another rug (that is a total steal!)- $16.00-$33.00


Retro Whiteboard- $16.00


Lime Green Parsons Table- $14.00

Oh my gosh, I could seriously just go on and on and on. So much cute, affordable stuff. I highly recommend you check out Wal-Mart if you need anything bright, cute, and cheap. I love back to school time because of the cute dorm/office/home accessories. My poor budget.


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  1. Anonymous
    July 13, 2009 / 7:36 pm

    hope your pup is feeling better and that pink tv is great!