King Me: Part Deux

I’ve mentioned before on this blog that we have a FULL bed. Literally- it’s a full size and it’s full. Me + DH + Pee Wee=FULL.

I am sick of it! As much as I love my boys is as much as I would love some space and some peaceful sleep. It’s no surprise then that I really, really want a nice king bed for our master bedroom.

I am torn, though. Very, very torn.

In a perfect world, I’d buy this bed from ZGallerie


At $1900 plus tax plus the Uhaul/gas to and from Austin, it’s easily a nearly $2,500 bed without the mattress. INSANE.

Yet, I am totally serious about saving up and buying it. I adore this bed. Like, I see hearts and stars everytime I even think of this bed.

I’ve scoured the net for something close, and have come up empty handed for the most part. My fave thing about this bed is how grand the headboard is and how deep the tufts are. It is perfection. Simply perfect.

Contender #2 is this very beautiful bed from Rooms To Go


It’s from their Cindy Crawford collection, and at $999 plus tax and the $70 delivery fee, it’s a heck of a lot more affordable than the ZGallerie bed. But…what is up with the little posts near the headboard? I would definitely need to see it in person before making a decision. But, I love the color of the padded headboard and the decorative touches. It’s nice and I could see myself liking this bed for many years.

Contender #3 is a very, very inexpensive bed I found while browsing 2 nights ago.


At $649 (bed + shipping) plus tax, it’s by FAR the most affordable. It’s also the most traditional looking. It also is a lot like the one the current owner has in the master bedroom:


Kinda. Sorta. She has a queen mattress on it right  now, so it looks kinda off.

What would you all do? Mind you, I’ve never seen any of these in person, so I am going based off what I *think* I would like. We are planning a little day trip to Austin during which I could see both the ZGallerie & Rooms to Go beds in person, but the JCP bed would be purchased unseen.

The overall feel I want for our master bedroom is relaxing, hotel-like and a touch of glam. Here are some accessories I’d love to incorporate into our bedroom:


Mirrored nightstands, JCPenney (iffy on these…might be too trendy)


Tufted bench, hotel like bedding and uber chic lamps. Picture is from Decor Pad


Loving the colors, the chandelier and the bedding. Picture is from Decor Pad


Stunning floor mirror from Neiman Marcus


Love the Edland Nightstand ($149 each, the one shown above is $79) via IKEA


Another look at the Edland collection. Simply beautiful.

Such gorgeous colored bedding from ZGallerie (and its on CLEARANCE!)

So, given my style and my budget…which bed would you choose? I don’t want to have to buy another bed for a long while, so I want something that can with stand my finicky moods/decor styles.

Help me!



  1. Naomi
    August 27, 2010 / 12:44 am

    My two cents is get the bed you really love. So you want the one from Zgallerie get it. Out of your contenders, I think it's the most beautiful and screams Monica the most. Again, just my two cents.

  2. August 27, 2010 / 4:56 am

    I am with Naomi, save for the one you love and keep looking for something similar yet more affordable until you have saved enough. It isn't like you have to the bed right away, you guys can either sleep on what you have until then.Rome wasn't built in a day and your castle isn't going to be either;)