Jennifer Lopez & Enrique Iglesias Concert {Sweepstakes}

When my BFF and I used to do Zumba regularly, there’d be certain songs that we’d get giddy about when we heard them come on the speakers.

Some of the are “Baby, I Like It”, “On the Floor”, “Let’s Get Loud”, and there’s many more. We had our favorite songs that made working out so much fun when we went to Zumba.

The other day I tuned into the Zumba station on my Pandora, and I realized something that made super excited for many reasons…

Most of the songs are by Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias.

And Pitbull, too, we all know this right? He’s like in every song! I know, I know. I like him a lot as well. Very catchy.

But back to JLO and Enrique.


I love them! Now I’m not saying they’re like my life role models, but as a Latina woman, I’m proud they’re Hispanic and making FAB music. I’m proud that Jennifer Lopez played Selena, which is hands down one of my favorite movies. I loved Selena and her music!

I just bought one of JLO’s gorgeous necklaces from her line at Kohl’s. In fact, I also have a pair of GORGEOUS red corduroy pants I bought back in college when her clothing line was at Macy’s. I’m talking like in 2003. Those JLO pants are my goal weight pants. Once I fit in them, I will be done with weight loss and elated. ELATED y’all.


^Me in said JLO pants. Skinny Monica, I miss thee! And look at my old school Nokia phone. I thought I was soooo cool.

Enrique has very catchy tunes, and he’s done so well for himself in the music industry, and I’m proud of him, too. I feel like his music is infectious. I don’t think he tries to be like anyone else (Marc Anthony, Pitbull, etc.) And then there was that “Hero” song that we all slow danced to at our high school dances with that guy we liked back in 2001-2002, but he didn’t like us until it was too late and we had moved on.

You know you did.

I’m proud they’re successful Hispanics in the music industry. Bottom line. They’re mi gente you know, and it’s awesome to hear them on the radio and see them on magazine covers. And one song at a time, they help me lose weight. And their songs can make my day brighter because they bring back happy memories with my BFF at Zumba. Oh the stories her and I could tell you!

But overall, I want to fit into those pants!

As you all know, they’re on tour together right now (and they’re both so gorgeous…all that hotness under one roof) and YOU can win tickets to see and meet both of them (I’d die!) in Miami thanks to State Farm. If you’re already going to one of their other tour stops, you can enter to win at the State Farm booths as well. Also, the State Farm Facebook is pretty nifty—that’s how I made that little banner up there. Neat, huh?

I’m lucky enough to have gotten tickets on behalf of State Farm and Latina Bloggers Connect, so I’ll be at the San Antonio show! If you’re going, too, let me know and I’d love to meet you. I’ll be tweeting from the concert live, so if you want to feel like you’re there with me, follow me on Twitter @MonicaBenavidez and you can also follow the #enriquejlotour hashtag.

Disclaimer: I received a pair of tickets to the San Antonio concert, but was not otherwise compensated for this post.


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    August 13, 2012 / 8:44 pm

    Yay congrats!