Jazzercise Burlesque DVD {Workout Review}

I’ve tried it all when it comes to exercise DVD’s. From the age of 16 or so (when I started working at the Target 1-hour photo lab), I bought into the latest exercise crazes. If it had an infomercial, even better.

Winsor Pilates? Check. Hated it. Sold it on eBay.

Original Zumba on VHS? Loved it. Til VCR’s became extinct.

Carmen Electra’s Striptease Workout? Liked it. Til I got bored. Sold it on eBay.

Turbo Jam? Loved it, was too cheap, burned copies from a friend. Still love it.

Richard Simmons Sweatin to the Oldies? Adore. Still have them.

The Shred? Loved/hated/despised it. Sold it on eBay.

See? I’ve done it all. Now that I have to ahem, budget, I don’t go nuts and buy too many of those gimmicky kinds of things. I tend to only buy DVD’s that I can do and that will be fun. No need to torture myself doing something like P90X. No offense to those of you who love them and think they’re fun—it’s just not my style of workout.

Honestly, when I workout I like to pretend I am a backup dancer for Britney Spears. And I have to be DAMN NEAR PERFECT, because by golly, I am dancing behind Britney effing Spears.

I can’t be the only one. You don’t pretend you’re a pop star back-up dancer when you workout?

You should.

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While working out to the Jazzercise: Burlesque DVD. First of all, the workout has songs 90% of us will recognize. It has 2 Britney songs (“3” and “Slave For You”), 2 Pussycat Dolls (“Dontcha” and “Wait a Minute”) songs, a song from the movie Burlesque, a song by JLO (“On the Floor”), one by Beyonce (“Girls”)and a song that sounds like it maybe could be by Marc Anthony. Don’t hold me to that. It’s Latin-ish, not by Pitbull, so Marc Anthony is a safe bet.

As someone who has done Jazzercise before, I adore the format of their classes. They stay true to that in this workout DVD. The warm-up and stretch part lasts a good 6 minutes or so, unlike other workout regiments I do where they’re like “shake your hips, clap twice, now let’s hurt ourselves by jumping around like crazy people!”

None of that here folks. After about 6 minutes, you go into the JLO “On the Floor” routine, and it’s challenging. I’ll be 100% forthcoming in admitting if it involves jumps, I am NOT doing it. A year ago I landed in physical therapy due to Zumba classes, so I do not want to go down that road again. While they’re jumping, I march in place or shake my ass.

Also, minutes 6-20 are the absolute hardest. You will be huffing and puffing, but you’ll also be having FUN. The moves are fun, and you don’t feel dorky. The moves are a bit sexy and don’t require you to be a proficient dancer. Again, just to be real with you all, I am the type that picks up on dance workouts very quickly, but for someone who doesn’t it might take 1-2 workouts to get in the groove. As long as you’re moving, don’t sweat it.

After you finish the super hard part (minutes 6-20) you do a few more dances until about minute 30 when it switches to Beyonce. It’s a standing ab workout that I find to be effective and not torture. The next toning song is Britney “3” and it’s toning for legs. I do about 1/2 of this one—anytime there’s lunges I lightly march/jog in place. I’m not willing to hurt my knee over a $15 DVD. Toning lasts from about minute 30 until 40. Then the last song comes in and you cool down and stretch.

Super fun, not super easy. This workout is great for those who find working out to be a chore, are overweight, don’t like dancing in public, but are willing to shake what their momma gave them…in the privacy of their own home.

I hope this review helps someone who has been wanting to workout, but dreads doing a super “serious” DVD and wants something that feels like a night of clubbing with friends.

If all else fails, I swear that pretending you’re a back-up dancer for your favorite pop star is a good way to have fun and dream a little.

What workout DVD’s do you love?



  1. Gabrielle Gorog
    September 22, 2012 / 5:04 pm

    Too bad we aren't neighbors. I need a workout buddy. 😉

  2. Delena
    September 25, 2012 / 12:47 pm

    Yeah I remember doing (and you are too young or were you even born yet?) Jane Fonda workout VHS tape with my mom when I was in elementary school. I loved it! We even did sweatin to the oldies too and I thought man if that 400 lbs lady can rock out to chubby checker I can too! Then fast forward working out with my husband and he made me do Insanity workout with him. Mind you I am over 80 plus pounds over weight and I hated it! Only super skinny skinny and I mean asian skinny people should do this. And they should be in shape. That being said I was in Jazzercise for 4 years and I loved it! Right now I love my Zumba workout dvd.

  3. Jamie Englert
    November 12, 2012 / 3:24 am

    This post heading me laughing. I don't pretend to be a back up dancer for Britney Spears. I pretend to BE Britney Spears! I used to be a gym rat, spending two hours a day, six days a week working every muscle and doing cardio. Fast forward through a rough, bed rest filled, awful pregnancy that added 80 pounds to my petite 5' nothing frame and I have no desire to return to that regimen. Last year, I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia. My body couldn't handle that lifestyle even if I wanted to do it again. I may have to try this. I have lost some weight through diet, but my muscle tone is non existent. Thanks for the tip! You rock!