iLove Pink

So, anyone hear any news today?


iThink there was a huge announcement about an iPad of some sort…


Image courtesy of the lovely No More Bacon

You know, the iPad didn’t really rock my world. Why? Because it lacks a few things that are deal breakers for me- a webcam, USB connectivity and ability to play Flash websites. For now I will be passing on essentially a really big ass iPhone that costs over $500.

But I digress.

This post is about how I LOVE pink. It’s a color I look good in (looks at hot pink t-shirt), and it’s a color that’s girly and happy. However, I despise baby pink. You know the shade of pink I am talking about…baby shower pink. The “OH EM GEE it’s a girl!” pink.


Naturally, when I started thinking about how I need want a laptop, I thought it’d be fabulous to have a hot pink laptop.

Which is apparently a major pain in the ass to find. Dell has a pink laptop and it’s ”promise pink” or the color of the breast cancer awareness ribbon, and I think it’s great. Not hot pink, but I can live with the color and it’s for a good cause. I am at Best Buy on Sunday, and I see it- a Inspiron 1440 Dell Promise Pink laptop for only $479. I have it in my hands, I walk around the store with it, and you wanna know what ended up happening?

Come on, guess.

I put it back on the shelf, left with my toner and immediately regretted my decision. We went to a few other stores, and I couldn’t get the laptop out of my head. Why didn’t I buy it you might ask?

Because I am freakin’ nuts. I would have gotten 18 months no interest on the purchase- so, ohhhh about $36 a month. Not gonna break the bank. But in my psycho mind, I convinced myself if I bought the laptop I’d regret it once I ended up homeless and had no access to Wi-Fi or electricity for that matter.

Clearly I have more issues than a daily newspaper. I know. It’s not news.

When I finally did decide to take the plunge, I called every damn Best Buy in the San Antonio area and none of the stores had it. NONE.

Now my only option is to pay $579 for the slightly beefed up version or settle for this heinous blue one. I know i could buy a laptop skin, but I am still hell bent on a pink laptop.

Then I found this one:



It’s $450 at Best Buy, so it’s not by any means affordable/cheap since it is a netbook.

But it is a hot pink netbook.

I really need to get my priorities straight.

Have I bought a laptop yet? No. I am nervous about ending up homeless because I can’t afford $36 monthly payments. I eventually will buy one, but I am going to hold out for something I really, really want.

But here are some other hot pink goodies I found lately:


Beautiful ring at Flowery Deer on Etsy.


A handbag that has hot pink in it by the uber fab Kate Spade. I want this bag. I would consider giving a kidney for it. Half a kidney. I WANT!


Business card holder (that I bought and love!) from OC Styles.


Hot pink corset from Lane Bryant.


Lovely heels from DSW.


Hot pink chair from Target. I would love to buy 2 of these for my future nursery.


Sony camera from Wal-Mart.

As you can see, there are a ton of hot pink items out there, and I want about 75% of them. What color are you obsessed with lately? Is there a color you can’t stand?



  1. ~*Belle*~
    January 28, 2010 / 5:06 am

    This post just made my day. My obsession with the color pink is out of control and I'm so glad I'm not alone! GL with your laptop search!

  2. Gwen
    January 28, 2010 / 5:52 am

    Pink is okay, but it is a bit to happy for me. I go gaga for deep reds and would love a red netbook. Then I would be all set with my red phone, red hair, red velvet bedding, etc. I am not impressed with the tablet. Too little bling for way toooo much cash. It is like my iTouch only bigger. Blah.

  3. Funky Frog Designs
    January 28, 2010 / 8:35 am

    I am not digging the ipad. I do however adore my iphone. I am and have been for years obsessed with purple. I am loving that the color has caught on because it's so much easier to find purple things than it was 3 years ago. I have a purple purse with a big silver buckle on it that I adore!

  4. Anonymous
    January 28, 2010 / 1:53 pm

    oh monica how you make me laugh. And um do those chairs come in like black? cause, um.. i want.teehee

  5. Molly
    January 28, 2010 / 2:11 pm

    I'm an orange lover. Everyone thinks I'm weird for that one. But I really love a clay tone of orange, warm and muted. Especially next to slate blue. And I love those Target chairs.