If I had $1000… {Shopping & Lifestyle}

Today, I really have nothing major to report other than I leave to NYC on Monday and I really do need to finish the cabinet doors to my bathroom vanity.

So, we’re going to pretend you and I both have won $1000 and cannot spend it on bills, groceries, gas or anything remotely responsible.

Let’s shop.

If I had $1000 to spend without any worries, here’s my wishlist. My husband might want to bookmark this post for my upcoming 21st 27th birthday on March 8th. Totally kidding, please just buy me a Lowe’s gift card.

Perhaps this gorgeous chandelier would make it’s way to my master bathroom reno:


$79 via ZGallerie

And I need a purse so I look uber fashionable and hip and gorgeous. This handbag below screams Monica, doesn’t it? Maybe if it had a bow or some damask.



$398 via Kate Spade

My acne scars drive me bonkers, and this peel might be a great way to get them faded. I never splurge on products like these because well…I’m cheap.


$68 via Sephora

And I need a cute dress. I always need another cute dress.


$90 via Zappos

And for some odd reason I am OBSESSED with this ottoman. Like really. Squee.


$249 via ZGallerie

For my iPhone photo snapping obsession, I’d love these awesome lenses to go with my iPhone 4S.


$69 via Ollo Clip

And all those lovely, lovely items bring my total to $954 without tax, so I suppose that’s about all I can get for today. Tell me, if a fairy godmother were to give you $1,000 today with the stipulation it couldn’t be used on bills, groceries, gas, etc…what would you buy?



  1. JSalyers
    February 3, 2012 / 9:30 pm

    I like this game! And I LOVE that bag!! Can it be on my list too? Along with a new set of bedding, even though I can never find anything I like. And that Bliss face mask I can never convince myself to cough up the $55 for. And an amazing pair of pumps. The rest I would spend on a night out with my hubby (where I would wear the pumps).

  2. Kassi at Truly Lovely
    February 7, 2012 / 3:16 pm

    OH man! I WISH I had $1000 to spend for fun! 🙂 LOVE that ottoman! And the bag!! Great choices!