How to Create a Curated Art Collection on a Budget

I’ve been home from High Point Market for two days now, and I took hundreds and hundreds of photos of the pristine and expertly designed showrooms I got to tour and there’s one thing that stands out in every showroom…art! Every space had gorgeous art, some large scale and some small, to really add style and layers to a space. So today, we’re talking about how to get art in your space without breaking the bank.

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I get a lot of email questions from readers about my home, which I love because it shows you’re reading and interested, and a common one is about the art in my home.

Prints from top to bottom: 

light in dark | botanical study no. 2 | waiting for summer | all is quiet horse

While I’d love to afford to commission custom art for every space, I’ve learned to create a curated look on a budget by using Minted. The independent artists who are featured on Minted are immensely talented, and there are even limited edition pieces (limited to 350 prints in each size/colorway) if you want something more “exclusive”.

Overall, I adore Minted’s fine art prints, and I have several of their framed and unframed art pieces in my home. Their packaging is also super fun and I’ve never ever received a damaged piece. One art piece that many of you love is this large scale horse framed print.

My black backed bookcase also showcased a couple of Minted prints I framed on my own (all is quiet horse print and waiting for summer colorful abstract print):

I incorporated two Minted pieces (light in dark art print and prism framed print) in the master bedroom of our former home to add personality to a bland corner:

And in the new house, I placed one of my most favorite Minted art prints in my master bathroom so I can look at it everyday. It is a truly stunning piece that I framed on my own using a HomeGoods frame.

I’m also using four new prints (two of them framed, below) in my master bedroom
makeover for the One Room Challenge. I acquire about 4-6 pieces a year
and slowly my collection is growing and I can even rotate stuff out.

If you feel their framed pieces are a bit high for your budget, I’d still recommend buying just the print in whatever size you’d like and then framing on your own (see botanical print below). Estate sales and thrift stores have gorgeous frames just begging for some chic Minted artwork, plus you help support an independent artist.

Minted seems to be constantly adding new prints and photographs from talented artists, plus you can search by color, orientation (landscape/portrait/square), type and so much more to make your quest for art easy peasy.

Hope that helps you all learn a little bit about how I mix and match Minted fine art pieces with other art to create a chic and curated look that compliments my home. Happy art collecting!


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  1. Cindy Hattersley
    April 24, 2018 / 12:53 am

    You have such a great eye Monica!