House Hunting in Corpus Christi

The house still hasn’t sold despite a $16,500 drop in our asking price. What the heck, man? People really don’t like our house.

But, there’s nothing I can do about it since I’ve done everything imaginable, so for now I’m putting it out of my head. This past weekend D came to hang with me in Corpus, and we had a FUN time. On Saturday we went and had lunch at our fave place (Niko’s Steakhouse- delicious!) and then just drove around aimlessly looking at the various neighborhoods over here. We found a lot of neighborhoods that we definitely would not want to live in, and we found two neighborhoods that we absolutely love and would consider buying a home in next fall 2017.

One of the neighborhoods is Rancho Vista, which reminds me of that quintessential All-American neighborhood. There were kids playing sports, families riding bikes, couples walking their dogs. I could really see us settling down there, maybe starting a family, and enjoying life with Pee Wee. I really look forward to being out of the apartment by mid-September 2017.

In Rancho Vista, they had model homes, and we looked at two. We looked at a 4/2/2 which sacrificed a bit of living space to accommodate another bedroom, so not my fave. The 3/2/2 however, was spectacular and I cannot get it out of my head.

While I love our Beeville house that we cannot seem to freakin’ sell, I was overwhelmed by its size at 1900+ square feet. This model home was 1601 square feet and felt so spacious and airy. Here’s one of the elevations and brick patterns available.

It was a little warm/brownish on the exterior for my taste, but there are other options available. Overall, super cute house with lots of curb appeal once the sod is put in.

Once you open the front door, you’re greeted with this beautiful sight (photo credit to Braselton Homes– my iPhone photo of the empty model home won’t do it justice).

I love the moldings, faux wood tile floor, tall ceiling…it’s perfect.

To the right when you walk in are bedrooms 2 and 3, plus the second bathroom. I didn’t take pictures of those, sorry.

When you walk through the foyer/gallery, you end up in an open concept living, dining and kitchen. It’s way larger than the photos would lead you to believe.

The kitchen comes with all appliances except the fridge, and espresso cabinets are standard. I think I’d prefer white cabinets to contrast with the dark floors, but it’s stunning as is. Not loving the rustic backsplash, to be honest. I’d swap out the pendant lights for something brass and glam. Lots of potential! And that wine rack? Love!

I love that we’d be able to easily fit four barstools on that island. And I can finally watch TV while cooking or baking or getting a wine refill. Because priorities. The dining area would fit my current dining table, so that means we’d fit 10 people easily in this space, PLUS the living room would add to that number. Our current house is so compartmentalized that we could fit that many people, but they’d be in three different rooms.

The dining area flows into the living room. I feel like I can hear the voices of every single one of those couples on HGTV that asks for an “open concept” plan. I really do think it’ll bug me to not have a formal dining room, but I know in my heart we never really use it, so why I do love the idea of keeping it so much? There’s also not a fireplace, which again we never use, but I do love decorating around it. Will I miss it?

Here’s another Braselton photo with the area staged with furniture in the same floor plan (different ceiling) in another neighborhood. It is definitely more than spacious for a couple and their dog. The builder packs a lot of energy efficient features into these homes, as well as a lot of tech features that resonated with us. We could buy a new, already built home in this subdivision OR we could build and the price would be the same. The model only featured a few upgrades, so most of the features seen are standard.

The building process would take 8-9 months, so if you’re doing the math, we’d have to start in early 2017 to meet our lease end date.

But the damn Beeville house hasn’t sold yet. Argh.

But you guys…building a house seems daunting even if the builder has it down to a science in which you pick from a pre-selected assortment of finishes and such. But on the other hand, it’d be great to have something where it’s exactly what we want, right? A big white kitchen, glam brass accents and a new linen sectional and these barstools below from Ballard Designs…my wheels are spinning. I really loved this home and floor plan. I could really see us living here. The back patio was covered and the lot was small and manageable. It’s perfect.

BUT…will I miss the fireplace and mantel? Will I miss the formal dining room? Will I miss separate spaces for living/dining? Does an open concept floor plan make it harder to decorate/paint walls, etc.? Can we build equity in this type of house over the next few years or will it lose its value? So much to think about, which is good that we have a bit of time.

Let me know your thoughts, especially if you’ve built a house before or kind of downsized at some point. We’re definitely not making an offer anytime soon, but we do want to be prepared to purchase our next home here in Corpus Christi, Texas.



  1. [email protected] Stroll Thru Life
    November 15, 2016 / 2:00 pm

    We've built 3 homes previously and I love the process and being able to pick out what I want. I say go for it and now you won't miss the formal dining or fireplace. An open concept home will be most people's favorite, so it will be an easy one to sell in the future if you want to upgrade.

  2. Prettypracticalhome
    November 15, 2016 / 4:59 pm

    Build! You've got the perfect time frame for doing it and can make the home just the way you want. We would've built for sure if we didn't have to get the kids enrolled in school. No, you won't miss the formal dining room. I'm getting ready to sell my set and make the dining area casual (maybe, ha!). The funny thing is, you think we'd eat in there more since it's the only dining space now but because it's formal, we pretend like it's not there and eat at the bar every night. And I say no fireplace is better than a corner fireplace. (I hate mine so much!) My friend just built a beautiful home and didn't put a fireplace in. The sofa faces the windows and they added a large piece of art and console to the wall where a fireplace would go. It looks fab. Fingers crossed the house sells soon. You can also check with the builder–they will usually begin the build process with a deposit and you don't have to get the financing arranged until a month or so before closing.

  3. Amy B
    November 16, 2016 / 12:33 pm

    You could always add a fireplace-electric or gas-later -I added one to my master bedroom but deck or office would also work. How often do you use your dining room? If it's a lot then maybe you would miss it but if it's not often then probably not! It's fun to visit model homes and dream!

  4. Emily
    November 16, 2016 / 2:31 pm

    I vote build, that way you can get the finishes and styles you like because unfortunately, IMO, you'll never find your style in homes down here. I never have and I browse all the time. It's apparently some secret law down here among builders that they have to make the home and every single aspect within it as many shades of Snickers as possible. House hunting in CC is the most depressing thing I've ever done. But, that's me, and I'm picky, and I of course can't wait to hear what you guys decide to do!! Oh, and I think you'd miss the fireplace decorating more than the formal dining room. At least I would. We never use our fireplace but I LOVE decorating it.

  5. John Hansknecht
    January 17, 2017 / 9:39 pm

    Nice Blog. Late to the party, but I can say that a "real" fireplace can run $10,000 or more with all the brick work and such. My wife and I decided to keep it out of our new house and instead I will use that savings to invest in the materials to build my own outdoor kitchen with an outdoor brick fireplace. This seems a better bang for the buck on resale too if it is done properly.