High Point Market Design Bloggers Tour Highlights

I’ve been back for nearly two weeks now, but it truly feels like I was at High Point just yesterday as part of the Design Bloggers Tour! It was truly the experience of a lifetime for me, and I’m so thankful to the team, showrooms and sponsors that made it all possible for me to attend. I know a few of you have messaged asking me when you’d get to see some of the gorgeous furnishings and decor from this spring’s market, and the answer to that question is TODAY. I’m going to take you along the showrooms and give you a brief overview of each along with a couple photos of the highlights (from my perspective). I hope it makes you feel as if you were there, too. So grab a drink, and get ready to be inspired.

Bernhardt Furniture

Bernhardt Furniture’s showroom at High Point Market (HPMKT) was a feast for the eyes! I loved how they used neutrals and contrast to create their new collections. My favorite of their new collections premiering in fall 2018 is Linea. The product I felt stood out the most from them were their beds. The beds felt new, fresh and inspired. 

Other trends I noticed from Bernhardt were acrylic/lucite, chrome, and mirrored/metallic finishes all while retaining a very neutral and timeless palette and look.

Exquisite Rugs

The folks from Exquisite Rugs are passionate about their brand and the products they sell. I enjoyed hearing about the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every rug, and they also have options for custom rugs that take as few as 8 weeks or so.

What most stood out to me about Exquisite Rugs are that the designs and quality are so different from what I’m used to seeing as a consumer. The photo above is from their velvet line, and I wish I could describe to you all how luxe, thick, shiny and plush their rugs are. They truly live up to their name. I’ll be sharing more photos from their rug line(s) in my upcoming trend posts about market.

Crypton/Rene Cazares

Crypton sponsored three showroom visits, and the first was Rene Casarez. Rene’s aesthetic is definitely more modern, but this sofa above really stood out to me because of how it offers seating on both sides- such a unique design! The sofa is covered in Crypton performance fabric which is stain and odor resistant, which is music to my ears as a wine drinking dog owner. Crypton fabrics truly do stand up to their brand promise- during one of the showroom visits, we got to spill red wine on a Crypton fabric and you guys…it came RIGHT OUT. Love.


Sunbrella is definitely a household name we all think of when we buy outdoor/patio furniture cushions/pillows, but Sunbrella offers a lot of fabulous fabrics that are perfect for inside your home (see the gorgeous bench below).

I’ve known about the classic Sunbrella fabrics for as long as I can remember, and I was pleased to learn they also release collections that are filled with on-trend patterns, colors, etc. My favorite is the Sunbrella Makers Collection. The fabrics have tons of blue and indigo hues mixed with patterns that are huge right now in the textile world. Also, Sunbrella fabrics are specially dyed so that they can withstand BLEACHING. Something to consider if you have little ones at home.

Adriana Hoyos Furnishings

A new to me brand, Adriana Hoyos Furnishings had me smitten from the second I walked in and saw those green velvet drapes. Their furnishings have a global warmth to them that I feel would work in nearly any home if you want to add some texture and pattern and a high end look. 

This showroom also had the most spectacular, amazing thing I’ve ever seen done to a tufted piece:

I have never seen anything like that before, and I was floored. It’s such a thoughtful accent to a sofa, and it adds a whole new glam edge to a timeless tuft. And for the record, I sat on it to test the comfort with the tufted accents and it was super comfy.

Michael Dawkins Home

Another new to me designer collection is Michael Dawkins Home. His aesthetic really spoke to how I want my home to feel, and he is masterful in balancing black and white. I’m going to be following his collections from now on to get inspiration. 

What is most striking about Michael Dawkins Home is his use of really bold, abstract, large scale art. That is something I will definitely incorporate more of in my own home thanks to his showroom. Also, loving the chair below and want to add black trim to any white chair I see from this point forward.

Bungalow 5

I have been a massive fan of Bungalow 5 for a long time. If you’re wondering where their namesake comes from it’s because the founders were staying in bungalow 5 at the time they thought of their business idea. And the design world is greater for it. Bungalow 5 features colorful home decor and furnishings that, to me, skew slightly feminine and glam. Which is why I LOVED EVERYTHING in their showroom. How gorgeous is that green mirror? 

Bungalow 5 has a ton of campaign inspired pieces, smaller decor accents/furnishings, and brass/gold finishes to really add that polished, femme look to any space.

Universal Furniture

I’m not typically drawn to rustic/natural type furnishings, but the dining room set-up above from Universal stopped me in my tracks! Overall, Universal felt to me like the brand that had the most attainable furnishings for the everyday home. The quality and price point are affordable without sacrificing style and elegance.

Universal also focused heavily on children/youth sets, and I was crushing on this room set-up. How cute is that bed paired with the floral stem accent wall? The set below is definitely one that could grow with a little girl well into her teen years and still feel fresh and timeless.

Mohawk – Karastan Rugs & Carpets

Our final stop on day one was Mohawk and Karastan! I’m very familiar with brands since they’re industry leaders in floor coverings (and very affordable!) You’ll also be pleased to know that Mohawk is also very eco conscious- they are the largest recycler in the flooring industry. Over 3 billion plastic bottles are recycled each year to create their Everstrand carpet. 

Another fabulous thing I noticed in their rugs was how vibrant they are. The colors are vivid, and they colors aren’t “flat” or one-note. The colors and patterns have contrast. It was really lovely to finally see the rug I’ve been wanting for years in person…the antelope rug! I know many, many of you love this style, so I hope this photo helps you make your decision to buy.

E.J. Victor

Day two started off at E.J. Victor, which licenses the home collections by Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade New York and Kelly Wearstler (seen at the top of this post). I know it’s likely not good to have favorites, but E.J. Victor’s showroom was my favorite! It was such a delight and impeccably styled. This showroom truly had something for everyone.

Of course, I found a ton of inspo in the Kate Spade home area because the line seamlessly blends high end chic with girly, frilly things. Swoon. 

And unexpected design crush developed between myself and Ralph Lauren Home. This line is… I can’t even find the words. It is sheer perfection. Ralph Lauren’s collection has found a way to intermingle masculine, oversized pieces with timeless glamour to create spaces that feel new, yet old all at the same time. It’s masterful. (And I have a ton more pics to show you all from this line in my upcoming posts)  

Can we all take a moment and obsess over this wallpaper?

Lloyd Flanders

During our visit to Lloyd Flanders, I was immediately trying to think of a way to 1.) get rid of my current patio furniture and 2.) expand my patio to house all the pieces I wanted from this brand. 

My consumer experience with outdoor furniture has been relegated to the big box stores, sadly, so to see premium, high quality outdoor furniture that could be customized in various stains left me wanting new patio furniture. Their pieces were so comfortable and unique.

Littman Brands

At the Littman Brands stop, we got to enjoy the latest in lighting offers from Hudson Valley Lighting, Troy Lighting and Mitzi. If there’s anything I’m already itching to change in our 7-month old house, it’s lighting. I am obsessed with glam, brass light fixtures like the one above from the Corey Damen Jenkins collection. What an original take on something we’ve all seen countless renditions of.

I also found a lot of inspo in the Troy Lighting showroom…I still lament that I haven’t found a proper place for an orb chandelier of this magnitude. 

At this point in the tour, we had seen so many showrooms, but I have to give a shoutout to the design team for this showroom. They did an outstanding job at melding together three different brand collections in a way that allowed them to each shine on their own. 

All of you mid-century modern fans should definitely scope out the Mitzi collection. Lots of fun stuff for smaller spaces in bold colors and on-trend finishes. Affordable, too!

Crypton: Thomasville/Henredon/Drexel

Up next we got to visit the showroom for Henredon, Thomasville and Drexel (which are all part of Heritage Home Group) thanks to Crypton! Henredon is the more high end brand with a myriad of designer collections, Thomasville is median priced with classic furnishings, and Drexel skews a bit more bold and modern for those of you not too familiar with these brands. 

This showroom was absolutely massive, and I found the most inspo in the Henredon portion since it houses the collection by Celerie Kemble. I found a lamp of hers at HomeGoods once and squealed with joy. These bookshelves are just begging for a spot in my home! The mirrored back really takes it over the top.

For me, I’d likely utilize Henredon and Thomasville for rooms that need polished, chic, traditional and timeless upholstered goods. The quality was outstanding, and with Crypton fabrics you can’t go wrong.

Century & Highland House

I’d been following Century’s Instagram stories to see the HPMKT behind the scenes stuff for their brand new showroom, and let me tell you… it did not disappoint! I don’t want to sound like a broken record when I talk about traditional furnishings, so I’ll say that Century’s showroom was new traditional with a twist. They featured lots of fun colors, leopard print and luscious fabrics. 

And just when I thought it couldn’t get better, we visited Highland House, which is part of their family of brands. You guys, I could have easily had any item from Highland House in my home and been super happy. They had so many colorful chinoiserie inspired fabrics and furnishings. Here, I’ll show you.

I would consider giving up a large sum of money to own this couch below. It was supremely comfortable. Highland House has the perfect aesthetic for the eclectic, yet timeless interior decorator/designer (like me). This showroom comes in high at the top of my list of favorites.

Crypton: Rowe Furniture

Our last showroom sponsored by Crypton was Rowe. As part of HPMKT, they asked three popular interior designers to decorate spaces in their showroom, and Parker Kennedy Living was one of them and designed the space above.

I WANT EVERYTHING IN THIS ROOM. I mean, gah….just take all my money. Look at what the custom upholstery options from Rowe can get you. This living room is a dream.

The velvet sofa (notice a trend here in my obsession with velvet sofas?) was so comfy and the single seat cushion didn’t bug me too much. The coordinating dining space has the most beautiful floral fabric I’ve seen lately. It doesn’t feel kitschy at all, and I could see these chairs working beautifully at an island or at a desk. So, if this is what Rowe can do, they can count on me as a future client.

Modern History Inc.

Our final stop on the tour was at Modern History, and they easily stand out as having high quality English/British inspired furniture. My favorite item from them was their console tables. I guess I am on the prowl for one, so I was hyper aware of how beautiful they were. The silhouettes were familiar and classic, but the colors and hardware made them feel fresh. I think any piece you buy from Modern History would stand on its own as being unique, yet it would mesh well with other furnishings.

For the large variety they had, I can say without question that they have a keen eye for creating stylish pieces. The bamboo accented one below made my chinoiserie loving heart skip a beat.

I took over two thousand (yes, 2,000!) photos at HPMKT, and these are just a tiny sliver of the highlights. I’ll have two more posts coming up in May about my HPMKT experience. The first will be about the trends in color, finishes and chinoiserie inspired accents that I saw mirrored across several showrooms. If you want to know what will be hot in design this fall, you don’t want to miss that post.

The second will be about the styling and decorating tips and ideas I picked up from being in some of the most gorgeous and chic showrooms at HPMKT. If you want your house or vignettes to feel like a styled showroom, this will be a post you won’t want to miss.

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And again, a huge thank you to the sponsors who made this all possible (and thanks for the snacks and drinks along the way!):

Thanks again to High Point Market for sponsoring this post. 

All opinions. photos, commentary and subsequent obsessions with these brands are my own! xo.