Goodwill Tuesdays

Wow. I am actually posting about Goodwill Tuesday on a Tuesday. Go figure.

I went to GW today with the husband after our monthiversary lunch. Yes, we’ve been married for 1-month folks. WAHOO! It’s been awesome. I didn’t think being married to Daniel would feel different, but it really does…in a good way. Love ya schmoopy poo! (Major points to whomever can tell me where “schmoopy poo” comes from!)

I found LOTS of great stuff, and I bought none of it. We don’t have room or use for it. :o( I did, however, see a massive old desk which would have been perfect for a DIY makeover. It was a dark brown color, but I envisioned sanding the hell out of it, painting it white, getting cute new feet for it, adorning with foo-foo drawer pulls, and topping it off with a custom cut piece of glass to make the most fabulous desk/workspace EVER. I didn’t take a picture of the desk though. I know, I know, then why even bother mentioning it. It was perfect though, and for $59.00 I am sure someone bought it as soon as I left. I didn’t purchase it purely because it was WAY too big, and I already have a desk.

But I sure did want it. No pressure Daniel. None. I love you. <insert pouty face here>

Here are a few things that caught my DIY eye:

blog 001

A cute bicycle thing with foam in the back. I guess it was used for silk flowers before? A votive holder could easily fit into that space (and you could put a candle or a single flower stem) and it’d be fab for a bathroom or a little girls room if you spray painted it a pretty pink. I would pick Ballet Slipper by Krylon. It was $2.00 (See husband in the background? What a sport!)

blog 002

A nice chair. This chair totally reminds of this chair and wonderful DIY makeover at the Project Pretty blog. I think it was $15.00 or so. I wanted to buy it for the living room, but to be honest with you all, we don’t need it, so I let it go.

blog 003

There were 4 of these little shelf thingies, and they’re not my style at all. However, they remind me of the ever-so-popular adirondack chairs. For someone who isn’t stuck in a prison apartment like we are, these would be great to use outside. Just spray paint, hang, and enjoy. $2.00 each

blog 004

Another item I “justified” as being usable in the living room, and Daniel used his veto power. I just need to stop dragging him along. Right? Party pooper. It’s a telephone stand, but I envision using it for a nice vase (maybe this one we received off our registry) and storing a few magazines on the bottom. I would probably paint this black if I did purchase it, or maybe an earthy red color to match the living room decor. $14.99

blog 005

Recognize this? It’s a cassette tape holder. Or it WAS a cassette tape holder. NOW it could be a nifty way to store rubber stamps vertically. See what I mean? Pure genius- it would hold 16 stamps. $3.99


What the heck am I trying to focus on here…oh yeah, the heart shelf in the center. I love the way Centsational Girl decorated her daughter’s room, and this would fit in perfectly (after painting it of course, must paint). Or it would be nice in a craft room to hold thread, a bathroom to show off little figurines, or a kitchen to hold spices. $4.99

Lots of great stuff today, too bad I couldn’t use any of it. Correction- I could have used all of it eventually, but at the present time we have no more room and I want to keep the hubby happy. Giant, beautiful, unphotographed desk…please get out of my head. I love you, I do. It’s me, not you. I have no room. Please understand.



  1. Centsational Girl
    June 23, 2009 / 11:26 pm

    We are thrift store sisters, girl. Love those finds. And yes, I used one coat of craft paint on that mirror. Shocking, huh? Took 15 minutes to cover the whole thing. Just held my breath, and started painting! I'm still amazed it worked so well.

  2. AndAlways
    June 24, 2009 / 4:29 am

    that's a nice vase holder for the vase you received 🙂 🙂 :)really…it is….