Going out to the Outlets {San Marcos}

I remember when I first went to the Prime Outlets in San Marcos and I saw the Restoration Hardware outlet. I remember walking in and walking right back out because I just didn’t see anything that caught my eye. Who needs furniture and expensive linens when you’re in college? So, I walked over to the Coach Factory Outlet and called it a day.

Now that I am older, I have fallen in love with a few of Restoration Hardware’s items, and I wish their prices were something I could fall in love with, too. I’ve never been to an actual Restoration Hardware store, just the outlet, and while there are definitely deals to be had at the outlet, some of the items still feel a bit out of reach for me.

But, on this rainy labor day, won’t you dream a little dream with me as I lust over some of their stuff?


See that mirror leaning on the wall? You can buy it for about $1995 on their website, or you can hope to snag one at the outlet for about $1500.


At the outlet they also had the above sink base for about $1000 (countertop + sinks not included), which saves you a couple hundred dollars over their catalog/online price.


The center mirror retails for $495 but could be bought for only $99 at the outlet. NINETY-NINE! It had a few scratches, but overall the medicine cabinet would look sophisticated in any bathroom.


Daniel and I also saw this dining set-up in the store and our jaws dropped. It was so perfect, and we can’t wait to get it (or something like it) in a few years.


And the super luxe & regal Camden bed. This is *THE* bed Daniel and I have settled on. We’ve been ALL over the place with our bed search, but when we saw this bed at the outlet, we knew she was the one. I wanted tall + tufted, he wanted anything BUT a canopy bed, so this seems perfect. While it is not a tufted bed, can you imagine a gorgeous tufted chaise or bench at the footboard? I sure can! Swoon.

With her tall stature (67” tall), rich dark tobacco color & simple style, we knew we’d love this bed for years. The king bed retails for $1810+ online, but at the outlet she was $1374 plus $25 off per $100 you spent making her about $1000+ tax.

So, with all that, do you think we bought her?

No. Sadly, no.

But we did struggle with the decision of whether or not to rent the Uhaul ($150+ gas) and bring her home. And by home we mean Daniel’s parents house since we do not have king size mattresses yet. But alas, we did not buy her because we decided we’d be better off getting something we need like this:


Yes, apparently living on nearly an acre with a push mower is not any fun, so we’ll have to spend some moola on a riding lawn mower. Any recs? (Thanks Naomi for the CL find!)

But, I assure you that one way or another, that Camden bed will be MINE.

On our impromptu trip to the outlets, we also did swing by the Pottery Barn/Williams-Sonoma/West Elm (all-in-one) Outlet, and I always leave the PB outlet feeling a bit let down. I guess I never find any of those amazing bargains other people find. They did have a few things that I saw that stuck with me:


See that ottoman/coffee table? Like it? Love it? Well, I sure hope you do because it’s $2,650 online, but ONLY $2,050 at the outlet.

WTF. That is insane. With that being said, I am gonna make something just like it, and I think I’ll come out way ahead.


The Shayne Table from PB is very lovely- I really do love it. So does Daniel, and we were considering it for our breakfast nook until we saw it in person. Now we realize it is HUGE. But, you can snag the Mahogany color at the outlet for about $399 or buy it brand new for $499 during the PB sale (or $699 regularly).


These wine bases were on sale for $89 at the outlet for the color shown above or $99 for the black.


This medicine cabinet is about $270+ online at PB, but was scratched to hell and missing the knob at the outlet, bringing the price down to $19.97. Nothing some paint wouldn’t have fixed up!


I have seen the above table by West Elm countless times and have always thought it was kinda fugly. That is until I saw it in person. It’s way cute and super stylish. West Elm has it brand new for about $449+ and at the outlet it was $159 plus another 10% off. This is the one thing I wish we would have bought, because it was perfect for the breakfast nook and in great shape.

Ok, and I also do regret not being able/willing/rich enough to also plunk down $1K on the Camden bed. Have you ever bought furniture from any of the stores I’ve mentioned? What do you think about their quality, prices, etc.?


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  1. September 6, 2010 / 10:00 pm

    Love the Camden bed! I have never found any really great deals at the Restoration Hardware outlet, but I always look.I have some PB pieces and my living room is mostly Crate & Barrel, both are great as far as quality. C&B customer service is outstanding. Two moves ago, I lost some of the little things that hold up the shelves in the media console. Despite having it purchased it almost 2 years before, they FedExed the hardware out to me free of charge. I have been drooling over the new RH catalog. I want everything, but most of the things are so unique that they would be pretty hard to "hack" or make knockoffs.