Gingerbread M&M’s Gift Ornaments #HolidayMM

When Collective Bias chose me to craft with M&M’s as part of their campaign to spread the word about the new Gingerbread M&M’s (exclusively at Walmart), I was pretty excited. Especially since the focus is to use them in a craft or DIY project instead of eating or baking them. My waistline is so excited. 🙂


Sometimes you need quick, inexpensive gifts for co-workers, classmates, teachers, etc. so what better gift than the gift of M&M’s. I wanted to create a craft that is easy, affordable, and versatile. Today, I’ll be showing you how to make personalized M&M’s ornaments at the cost of less than $2 each. The bonus? These take less than 10 minutes each to create, so you can definitely knock these out while watching your fave TV shows, or you can have your kiddos partake in the fun.


-Clear ornaments (88-cents each in the Walmart craft section)

-Gingerbread M&M’s (one bag makes about 4-5 ornaments)

-Metallic paint pens


-Decorative ornament hooks


1. Wash your ornaments with warm, soapy water. It’s hard to dry the inside of the ornament, so let them air dry overnight, upside down (so the water can drip down). Save the ornament topper and put to the side during this process.

2. Using a metallic paint pen, write the recipient’s name on the ornament. I also added metallic dots all over so that when they ate their M&M’s, they’d still have a personalized ornament to enjoy!

3. Fill your ornament with about 35-40 Gingerbread M&M’s and reattach ornament topper.

4. Attach your decorative ornament hook with a ribbon and create a bow. This both reinforces the hook so it stays on the ornament, plus it adds a really pretty bow on top. And you all know I love bows!

Personalized Gingerbread M&M's Ornaments #HolidayMM #shop #cbias 

5. Hang on your tree, use as a placecard, or place in a bowl as party favors during a holiday party. The possibilities are endless! If using these as a placecard on a plate, I’d recommend a non-permanent Glue Dot or 2 on the bottom of the ornament to prevent them from rolling around.

I chose to hang mine on my tree in the dining room. They blend right in, yet stand out. What I really love is that light beautifully filters through the clear ornament and makes the M&M’s really pop.

Personalized Gingerbread M&M's Ornaments #HolidayMM #shop #cbias

How awesome is it that I have 2 friends named Candy? Pretty awesome.

Personalized Gingerbread M&M's Ornaments #HolidayMM #shop #cbias

Personalized Gingerbread M&M's Ornaments #HolidayMM #shop #cbias

If you’d like to try out the new Gingerbread M&M’s (for Gingerbread crafts or to eat, I won’t judge!) then you can download a coupon and use the next time you head to Walmart.

Personalized Gingerbread M&M's Ornaments #HolidayMM #shop #cbias

If you need some festive holiday decorating ideas check out these fun Gingerbread M&M’s crafts.  If you have some creative ideas of your own, participate in the Gingerbread M&M Instagram contest to win a great prize!

Personalized Gingerbread M&M's Ornaments #HolidayMM #shop #cbias

What are your favorite inexpensive and easy gifts for the holidays?


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  1. Mel Outnumbered
    November 25, 2013 / 7:23 pm

    Those are very cute! My MIL does a little gathering for the girls every holiday season and we use these type of ornaments. I'm going to bring a bag of Gingerbread M&Ms for people to fill them with! #client