Gift Ideas Under $30 for Home Decor Bloggers

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Bless the hearts of those who have DIY/home decor bloggers in their lives…we know we’re an odd bunch with our incessant need to photograph everything before it’s eaten, sat in, lived in, or used. We know we can be annoying, and we know we can be hard to shop for.

So, here’s a quick gift guide that’s sure to please any home decor blogger (or home decor lover). This is stuff we need or would want, but likely wouldn’t buy because we spend so much money on paint, glitter and power tools. And the best part is that it’s all under $30. Happy shopping!

#1 – Kate Spade, All in Good Taste 

Every decor blogger needs more coffee table books, and this newest edition by Kate Spade is gorgeous and features practical tips for entertaining/hosting soirees. Best of all? It’s currently under $20.

#2 – Salud Decanter Set

Chances are your blogger friend has a bar or bar cart, so why not help them deck it out with this all-in-one set? Cheers! 

#3 – 2016 Wall Calendar 

Bloggers LIVE by deadlines, and this gorgeous and colorful wall calendar is a treat for the eyes for an entire year. Bonus points for being able to use the pretty paper for DIY artwork in 2017.

#4 – Plug ‘N Play Label Maker 

Given that 99% of bloggers will start going into an organizing frenzy after the holidays (KonMari method, anyone?), a label maker is a godsend. This one can print using fonts installed on the computer it’s plugged into, which makes it swanky.

#5 – Correspondence Set 

Most of bloggers love to have pretty desk/office accessories, and a high quality, beautiful correspondence set is a welcome addition.

#6 – Striped Storage Bins

There isn’t a blogger alive who doesn’t like stripes. These bins come in a multitude of colors/sizes and are a timeless pattern that most bloggers would love.

#7 – Eddie Ross, Modern Mix 

Hands down the BEST coffee table book to come out in 2015, this book is beefy, stunning and full of great ideas and inspiration for 2016 decorating. I love mine and think it’s worth way more than the current price.

#8 – Metallic Votive Candle Set 

Candles are a fail-proof gift, and this metallic trio is sure to fit in with any decor or color scheme.

#9 – Erin Gates, Elements of Style

Everyone has this book (except me), and the spine alone makes it a beautiful book to decorate with on any shelf. Plus, it’s written by a fellow blogger!

#10 – Spinido Gold iPad Tablet Stand

Bloggers multi-task in the kitchen, office, etc. and a iPad/tablet stand could help us watch a movie while we type away on our laptops. Bonus points for the chic matte gold finish. Tres luxe!


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    December 18, 2015 / 3:22 am

    Just found your blog! Love your style! xo