Fave Juice Review

Hi everyone! I’m here with a review of a new product that recently landed on HEB shelves in the San Antonio region. Fave Juice is a tasty, all natural, 100% fruit and vegetable juice that comes in 3 flavors. So far the husband and I have finished 2 bottles of this stuff in less than a week, and we’re smitten. Daniel loves orange juice, and I’m a V8 Fusions fan, but I’m a Fave Juice convert now. Look at this Fave Juice vs. V8 Fusions comparison chart and you will be, too.

Fave Juice: 8 oz = 3 full servings of veggies!

Each Fave Juice serving (8 oz.) packs 3 full servings of vegetables, which to me is HUGE. I hate to admit I am not a huge veggie eater, so Daniel always has to find a way to sneak them into foods like I’m a 4 year old. Usually I don’t like to drink my calories, but Fave Juice is only 60 calories a serving, so I don’t feel bad allocating those calories to something nutritious. I tend to have a glass in the morning along with my breakfast, and actually yesterday I had a serving in the afternoon to hydrate after working on a DIY project in the garage (it’s hot, y’all…oy!) I’ve looked into fruit & veggie juice recipes before, but this takes all the work out of it.

It’s refreshing and a great alternative to soda, which is my usual drink of choice. As you all know, I’m desperately trying to cut down on diet sodas, and I don’t have any at home anymore (yay!!)– I stock up on healthy alternatives like Fave Juice to keep me on track with my health/weight loss goals.

The first flavor we tried was the Orange Tangerine Pineapple flavor (seen below and above), and it’s good. Both Daniel and I agree that it’s not overly sweet, but it does have a hint of veggie taste as opposed to the Strawberry Banana Kiwi (my fave so far…it’s AMAZINGLY tasty) which to us is a bit sweeter. Both flavors are tasty, but there is a slight difference in the sweetness. Also, when you look at Fave Juice, you can SEE that it’s a bit cloudy, which to us means it’s not just sugar water like other “fruit” beverages. You can see and taste the difference when you compare it to other products in this category.

Fave Juice: 8 oz = 3 full servings of veggies!

The other flavor is Pomegranate Blueberry Goji, and I haven’t had a chance to try that one yet. They retail for about $4 at HEB/retailers, and I think they’d be great to turn into popsicles for the summer. I am totally going to try that with my popsicle mold. If you’d like to see the nutrition labels and ingredients for yourself, click here.

Fave Juice: 8 oz = 3 full servings of veggies!

I hope the next time you’re in the grocery store you’ll give Fave Juice a try! The Benavidez household gives it 2 thumbs up for taste, nutritional value, and affordability. Cheers!


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  1. steve2da_izzO
    August 5, 2014 / 7:09 pm

    Dang it! Was grocery shopping last night and was contemplating on buying and decided not to. 🙁 I will now have to make a second trip to My HEB to get some, which I knew I should've to begin with! AND i believe there is some sort of coupon with it right now at HEB. Thanks for the review!