Fab Fridays: Planning a Gallery Wall

I consider myself relatively fearless when it comes to DIY kind of things (well, except for wall paint since I ALWAYS go with a classic neutral), but I’ve always stayed away from one thing: the gallery wall. It seems tedious, but I inherited some frames recently. They’re HUGE (like 16×20), and they are glass and oak. Currently, I’ve repainted 3 of the frames to white, and I’ll work on the others over the weekend. I realize 6 frames does not a gallery make, so I hope to find some other frames at local junk-tique shops or garage sales.

My living room is the place in our house where I spend most of my evenings. About two weeks ago, our new sofa came in (wooo!!) and it’s considerably darker than our previous beige sofa…so my living room looks a little darker. After nearly 4 years of living in this house, it’s time to spruce up the living room walls with some décor or something, right?

Monica’s Gallery Wall Must Haves:

1.) A curated look. Not too matchy, matchy…but not too eclectic.


2.) I don’t want it to be all photos of us, so it must have cool typography art, abstract art, and some cute Pee Wee pics.


3.) Has to enhance my living room by making it look more styled, high end, and chic.


4.) Has to help BRIGHTEN up my space. I know people think brass/gold is outdated, but the photo below makes it look in style (again!):


5.) My final must have is that is must not require absolute perfection. I think the wall below has enough planning to make it look amazing, but it’s also not overly perfect either.



I guess it’s time for me to start collecting lots and lots of frames.

Do you have a gallery wall? Any tips or suggestions on how to make this an affordable and easy DIY project?



  1. Anonymous
    March 9, 2016 / 2:44 pm

    What is the name of the wall color in the dining room? Really pretty!

  2. Tawnee
    April 23, 2017 / 12:17 am

    Where did you get your gorgeous mirrored cabinet?