Etsy Thursdays

Better late than never.

Featured Item #1 Mouse Pad- Abstract Art in Pink Black Blue Green Yellow Artistic Mod Hip $8.00 plus shipping


The mouse pad I was using POM (pre-office makeover) was a nice mouse pad, it served it’s purpose. But the beautiful roses of Oregon just didn’t jive with my new look. I found a cute replacement, but this one also caught my attention. From Etsy Seller 3zart They also make really awesome light switch covers for very cheap. Check it out!

Featured Item #2 Keep Calm & Carry On- 12×18 print $14.98 plus shipping


This poster/print/saying has been ALL over the blog world. All of you Google Reader addicts know exactly what I am talking about. I know you do. Nonetheless, I freakin’ love it. From By Order of The Crown

And even more so I love the spin-offs of this saying, like this one for instance:


Hilarious! I love it. From Etsy Seller dippylulu

Featured Item #3 5 rolls of cute mini deco tape with dispenser $4.00 plus shipping


I love tape. I didn’t really think or care about it much until I began running my Etsy store, and I realized that packaging counts…a lot. I got a package from Target today, and Target could care less about cute packaging, which is cool. It’s Target. However, I do care because customers expect a certain flair factor with their Etsy orders. I am the damask diva, so of course I have damask packing tape from, but if I didn’t, I would totally buy these cute tape thingies. From Etsy Seller Purple Sparkle Crafts


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