Etsy Finds!

Okay, since Thursdays seem to come and go without an Etsy Thursdays post, I am just going to aim to do a weekly Etsy Finds feature that has stuff that is unique, affordable, cool, funky, etc. for the home.

Featured Item #1- Ironing Board Cover, $24.00 plus shipping


So stinkin’ cute! We recently bought an ironing board from Wal-Mart and it came with a fugly blue paisley cover. It makes me not want to iron, but if I had this cover, I think I would iron more. Take that as a hint Daniel. From Etsy Seller City Chic Country Mouse.

Featured Item #2- Sketchbook Fabric by Anna Maria Horner, $6.50 for half a yard plus shipping


Like Pee Wee mentioned in a previous post (or 2- silly dog), my office is thisclose to being done. What is left to do? My shelves aren’t finished being painted yet, and I need to wait for my free Glidden paint to come in. Were you one of the lucky ones that scored a free quart of this stuff?! I snatched up a free quart of their true turquoise for my accent table, and it should be here in 2-3 weeks. Wait, where was I going with this? OH! Yeah, so after that is done, I want to make an ottoman, and this fabric may be my top pick. A lot of Etsy sellers have this fabric, but the cheapest I found for 1/2 a yard is from Etsy Seller KJ Design Supplies

Featured Item #3- Turquoise Up-Cycled Lamp, $135.00 plus shipping


Yeah, I know, not cheap/inexpensive/etc. BUT it is super cute! Isn’t it? I love it. I think I may use this as inspiration for a lamp in the near future. You see, Paperdoll Woodshop makes cute vases (see below), so I think she could probably do something like this for me if I beg her. Then I would just need to find a way to make it into a lamp, add some cute fabric to a lampshade, and call it a day. Anyway, if you have $135.00 you can buy it now from Etsy Seller BirdWing Productions.

Here’s the vase I was referencing above:


If you don’t remember, Paperdoll Woodshop is the shop I featured in this post, and I did indeed end up ordering the tea kettle magazine rack from Jenny in hot pink (or Rhine River Rose if you want the actual color). It’s so stunning! I can’t wait to show you all pictures of it in my office, but here’s a picture she took of it for her shop.


It came with the cute tag and all! Thanks a bunch Jenny!!


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  1. City Chic
    July 9, 2009 / 2:32 pm

    Oh thank you for mentioning our ironing board cover! Love your blog!