DIY Small Biz Organization Ideas with Sharpie

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I have a confession: I love school and office supplies. This time of year makes me giddy with all the back-to-school products and sales. I was recently trying to get my office supplies fix over at Staples (they have soooo much cute office supplies right now!), and I couldn’t help but indulge in some new Sharpie markers! By the way, all the Sharpie ultra and fine markers will be on sale starting August 10 at Staples, while supplies last. Snag them up soon, folks!

I’ve never tried the retractable ones (which is great since I can’t lose the cap!) and I also snagged some GOLD Sharpies for a few DIY ideas I have in mind (they even write on black paper…swoon).


I use Sharpie markers around the house to write on boxes/bins, to mark spots on walls for DIY renovations, and to write myself notes. However, I definitely use them a lot in my small business. While I am a blogger and work full-time, I do also work as a freelancer and do some writing, photography, and design projects for clients. I have to stay organized to meet deadlines and stay on top of it all. An organized business is a productive business.

I’ve been wanting a dry erase board to help keep me organized. I’ve cut it really close on some deadlines recently, so I need to be more organized. Putting deadlines in a visible area is step 1. This is when I got creative because I didn’t want a huge dry erase board—I wanted a few. Using some thrifted frames (they cost me about 50-cents total), plus dry erase Contact paper, and some Sharpie markers, I made some to suit my needs.

Step 1:

Take the glass out of the frames and clean it thoroughly. You want your glass to be squeaky clean because dust and dirt can ruin the finish of your dry erase board.

Step 2:

Put the glass on the grid/backside of the dry erase Contact paper. On each of the 4 corners, use a Sharpie to mark a dot. Cut your rectangle using your dots.


Step 3:

Now you’re ready to adhere the dry erase paper to the glass. Do so carefully! If you have any air bubbles, gently press them towards the nearest edge to let the air escape.



Step 4:

Using the Sharpie color of your choice, write a heading at the top of the dry erase board you just created. For the smaller frame that will sit on my desk, I opted to write “Remember To:” in gold. For the larger one that’ll be on top of my side table, I wrote “Work It, Monica:” I also used the gold marker to make some of the frame details pop a little bit more and to decorate my Sharpie marker holder. If you’re not a fan of your own handwriting, use a font and trace it. (That’s what I did on the larger one.)



Step 6:

While the heading will be permanent thanks to the awesome staying power of Sharpie markers, you should use dry erase markers on the rest of the board. You can create a weekly dry erase calendar of deadlines, a monogrammed/logo dry erase board for teachers as a back to school gift, etc. These types of signs are great for small business owners to keep inventory/supplies organized, alert employees to any news, inform customers of specials, or simply write yourself reminders like I do.



Another way I use Sharpie markers in my small business is to color code mail/paper correspondence. Items with a red star mean they’re important (do not throw away), while blue means I need to review, and green means it’s taken care of and can be shredded. (FYI, telling your employees/family members your color coding system is a great idea!)

Next time you get buy Sharpie markers (hopefully from Staples on August 10 when they go on sale), think of them as useful tools to making your office more productive, organized, and beautiful. Enjoy!

What is your favorite way to use Sharpie products?



  1. Mari Corona
    August 6, 2014 / 3:20 pm

    Love the ideas!!!

  2. Rocio Chavez
    August 6, 2014 / 3:24 pm

    Love, love, love this!! Thanks for being uber creative, with a great eye, and sharing with the rest of us that aren't. I have so much to learn sensei. 😀