DIY Outdoor Landscaping Project Update

Hi lovelies! I’m here with some updates about our progress to our very first DIY landscaping attempt. I wrote about this a few weeks ago, and I am pleased with the progress we’ve made in such a short amount of time. I’m super excited to show you all what we’ve done so far, and if you have any tips, please send them my way.

Just to recap, we’re landscaping the front of our house to boost our curb appeal and freshen up our 1979 facade. It needs some oomph, ya know? I want an entrance that is lively, easy to maintain, and shows off how much we love our home.

We hauled off all the rocks and chopped down a small tree (BOY was that a task), and we ended up with this:

Our next step was to remove the old scalloped border + clean out all the pollen/leaves that had made their home underneath the rocks. We also removed the lighting so we could easily rake all the stuff we wanted gone.

Once we removed all the pollen, leaves, lights, and borders, we had a big ole thing of dirt and lots of junk in our wheel barrow:

Now we are down to dirt and weeds, finally! It was a lot of work (hard, hard work) to move all the rocks and get it cleaned up, so it was uber rewarding to finally reach this point…now let’s kill some weeds! My husband has been AMAZING during this whole process. I work a lot on weekends, so he does some of it while I am working, or we work on it together after work. If we can survive this project, we can survive anything!

To kill the random weeds, we grabbed our trusty Spectracide Weed & Grass Killer w/Extended Control. It claims to work in as little as 3 hours, but we found it worked best overnight, which was totally fine with us. It helps prevent weeds for up to 3 months, and it comes in an easy to use container. The hubby and I give it a solid A in terms of performance.

All we had to do was spray on the weeds and wait. It was an easy process that anyone can do, I promise! (You have to remember I know nothing about outdoor gardening/landscaping, and I am still having success.)

By the next morning, all these weeds were GONE.

Now we have to pick out what shrubs/hedges/plants we want to plant in this area, mulch, get some better soil, etc. In the long run I hope all this dirty work pays off and boosts our outdoor curb appeal. I’ve been dreaming of this for a long time, and I can’t wait to show you all how it turns out.

Stay tuned to see how this all turns out–I am hoping this sweat equity will earn us some serious curb appeal points.