Designer Inspired Vase Tutorial

It’s Kate Spade month as part of the #KnockItOffDIY challenge hosted by Jess from Domicile 37. I chose to tackle a designer vase that retails for $150…an amount I’d never pay for a vase because I have to pay bills, y’all.

Full disclosure- my vase ends up being almost 2″ shorter, but I think I get look-ish and it cost me $2 in supplies.

Kate Spade Sunset Street Lux Vase DIY knock-off tutorial via

Kate Spade is one of my top five favorite brands because I love the style and fun, glam vibe the brand exudes. I have four Kate Spade purses that I absolutely love, but the home decor is a little price prohibitive unless I manage to snag a deal at HomeGoods (which has happened!)

What I love about this particular Kate Spade vase is the black/white/gold (totally obvious, I know), and how it looks a little messy, yet pretty perfect.

Kate Spade Sunset Street Lux Vase DIY knock-off tutorial via

DIY Knock-Off Kate Spade Sunset Street Lux Vase

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 30 Minutes


  • 8.5″ glass vase from Dollar Tree
  • One sheet of letter sized black cardstock
  • 13 Gold Seals (I used 1″ gold glitter envelope seals from Target that were $2)
  • Glue Dots/Double-Sided Tape/Adhesive Tape Runner
  • White Paint Pen
  • Gold Polyester Tape or Gold Washi Tape
  • Ruler & Scissors

Kate Spade Sunset Street Lux Vase DIY knock-off tutorial via

Step 1: Cut your cardstock down to size for both the height and circumference of the vase.

Step 2: Find the center point on the width of your cardstock and adhere one of your gold dots. Measure 2″ to the left and right of the center dot and adhere two more dots. Use a ruler to help keep the dots straight.

Note: If you can’t find gold envelope seals, use a 1″ circle punch and some gold cardstock with glue dots to adhere them. Get creative! You may also find white dots in the office supply section that you could color or glitter up yourself.

Step 3: Repeat the process to create a row in the center and on the bottom.

Step 4: Adhere four additional dots between the columns (like a dice pattern). See image below to see final pattern:

Kate Spade Sunset Street Lux Vase DIY knock-off tutorial via

Step 5: Use your white paint pens to paint freehand globs/areas to the bottom right of the dots. Don’t worry about being perfect- try to vary up the size/placement/look. This part was probably the hardest for me- I’m a perfectionist.

Step 6: Adhere the strip of gold mylar tape on the top and bottom edges of the cardstock.

Step 7: Flip over the cardstock and adhere glue dots, double-sided tape, or use a permanent tape runner like I did to make sure you have plenty of adhesive on the edges, seams, and center so your cardstock will wrap around and lay flat/snug.

Step 8: Adhere your cardstock to the vase starting at one edge to keep it straight. Smooth down the cardstock gently and press the seam together to finish your vase. Put flowers in your vase and enjoy!

Kate Spade Sunset Street Lux Vase DIY knock-off tutorial via

I love how my knock off vase looks next to my actual Kate Spade candle. I splurge on somethings and DIY others as a way to somehow have it all. I know my vase isn’t a 100% accurate version, but I still like it. 🙂

Check out more Kate Spade inspired home decor tutorials with my fellow blogging pals! If you want to share your Kate Spade knock off with us, please use the #KnockItOffDIY hashtag on social media. We’re all especially active on Instagram, so share away. Stay tuned to see what designer knock offs we’ll have in store for March.

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  1. marty (A Stroll Thru Life)
    February 16, 2016 / 2:18 pm

    I totally love it, you did a great job.

  2. Iris Watts
    February 16, 2016 / 3:13 pm

    Super cute, and I love that you still have the option to remove the paper if you ever want to try another design!

  3. Domicile 37
    February 16, 2016 / 3:16 pm

    OMG! THIS LOOKS Great! I love this diy and the how the vase looks matte like.

  4. teryn yancey
    February 16, 2016 / 5:32 pm

    This is brilliant and gorgeous! I already have that vase from the dollar tree so I might try this!

  5. Corinna | A Designer At Home
    February 16, 2016 / 7:40 pm

    Super cute! You're so creative (and loving how it pairs with the other pieces in the photo!)

  6. Prettypracticalhome
    February 16, 2016 / 9:33 pm

    Turned out so cute! And I love that it's not permanent, so you can change the pattern out to suit your changing whims. Very pretty!

  7. Shabby Grace Blog
    February 17, 2016 / 2:28 am

    Too cute! And I wouldn't have thought to hit the Dollar Store! Get out!!! Great job!

  8. Vel Criste
    February 17, 2016 / 3:36 pm


  9. Brittany
    February 18, 2016 / 3:03 am

    Wow, my first thought was, "this looks really high-end"! Love how you created it out of the glass vase. It looks pretty perfect, too!

  10. Rachael Bliefnick
    February 19, 2016 / 3:05 pm

    Look at you and your gold glitter sticker seals! Great find! You rocked Kate's vase! Your's looks awesome!!

  11. Stephanie -Casa Watkins
    February 19, 2016 / 3:09 pm

    Omg!!! This is so great. So easy to make and I didn't even know that was cardstock! Great idea using the envelope seals too! Love it