Dining Room Accent Wall {Paint}

Remember in my last dining room blog post I asked for opinions on what to do with this wall?


Well, I then started looking at sample paint colors on Sherwin Williams’ website, and they have this neat feature where you can upload one of your photos, and “paint” the wall a color so you can get an idea of what it would look like in YOUR space. So I uploaded the above picture and I must have tried 20+ colors in shades of blue, gray, beige, taupe and nothing was really wowing me. That is until Black Fox. Here’s what it looked like when I put Black Fox on the wall:


Lush. Crisp. Dark. And no I am not talking about the werewolf from Twilight…


Though I guess lush, crisp and dark works for him, too.

Yeah, definitely.

But anyway. Back to the paint. Black Fox looked good (hypothetically) to me. It made my cabinets pop. Really pop. Which I like. Plus it adds a sense of balance to a otherwise very white/beige room. I googled the paint color, and I found this gorgeous dining room painted entirely in Black Fox.


Credit: Bovagoods

And I was even MORE convinced that it was the perfect shade of dark gray/brown for the room. So, DH and I went to Sherwin Williams on Sunday and picked up a gallon of urbane bronze paint.

I know. What happened to Black Fox? Well, DH liked urbane bronze better and since they were so close to being the same color, I went with it.

I cut in the walls and borders of the cabinets, and I kind of liked the color. Then I did one coat, and it was streaky. Then I did another until finally I had a solid urbane bronze colored wall:


I still hadn’t done the 2nd coat yet, so ignore the streaks at the top.


How the room looks at night.


I like it. I think. I knew with the Rustoleum cabinet kit that I hated the paint and stopped. With this wall, I kept going because I am thinking it’ll look good once I finish the whole room. I think.


It’s dark. Really dark. I’d describe it as chocolate brown mixed with dark grey. I don’t think I had good light when I took those photos, so I’m sure you’re looking at my pics saying, “That is BLACK.” I promise it’s not.

How do you know when/if you love a paint color? Is it instant or do you live with it for awhile and decide? It’s growing on me day-by-day, but I’ll make the final determination when the whole room is put together, hopefully by the end of summer.

But, I still need your help because I am indecisive. Should I leave the wall as is (urbane bronze colored) OR leave it as is and add a lovely damask pattern (in metallic) over it for a nice, chic wallpaper look?


Credit: Royal Design Stencils


Credit: Cutting Edge Stencils

Also, now that I have a dark wall, what color curtains should I get for the opposing wall:


I was thinking these very affordable, very luxe white grommet curtains from Curtainworks (I’d get them in the 95-inch length):


I love these from Ballard Designs, but at $180 a panel (yes, really)…um, no.


There is, however, a sorta similar cheap knockoff at Wal-Mart that I’d like in the vanilla color (sadly, they only come in 84-inch length):


Well, what do you think? Which curtains should I get? Are there any other you’ve seen that would be affordable and great for my space? Does the length matter?



  1. Meg
    June 16, 2011 / 12:54 pm

    I like the accent wall. I understand what you were saying now with the dark color. Your first choice had more of a brown tint to in (at least that is what the computer program showed you). But I do like the current color. You have a lot more options when it comes to accents (like the curtains) now. You can go silver or gold.I like the idea of a patterened curtain for the other wall.

  2. GoAgainstTheGrain
    June 16, 2011 / 12:56 pm

    First of all way to slide in a photo of T.L. hahaI really like the color!I think you should leave it solid for now till you decide what you are doing with the rest of the room.As far as curtains what about going with something that gives a pop of bright color?

  3. TheNextMartha
    June 16, 2011 / 1:08 pm

    I actually really like it. Also, I think you almost HAVE to go with some sort of patterned curtain. I mean. GORGEOUS. Keep hunting. I found a white curtain with a black fabric curtain from ikea that wasn't terribly expensive. $20 each maybe? Can you sew? There are a lot of fabrics that might fit the bill at JoAnn fabrics. With a coupon, could be reasonable. Love how it's turning out.

  4. CK
    June 16, 2011 / 1:09 pm

    I like the dark color. You can add a big mirror in that opening too. Things you display on the counter will pop too. Thinking metals and whites. I think the damask stencil would be fab, but it's a lot of work, and can be done later. If you plan to do it, the scale of your drapery pattern should be thought about so they don't clash. I would recommend buying fabric and making your own, you can even do no sew (I have a long pending blog post for how to's but it's pretty easy). You can get wider panels that way, plus the exact print you want, add grommets or not…you get the idea. Wider is better due to the wide windows and you want them to look luxe when stacked on the sides, not wimpy. Try http://www.fabric.com for ideas. Prices are great. Betting you can find 12 yards for under 120 bucks that would fit your needs!