Below is what my husband turned in when I asked him for his bio. I guess all he wants you all to know is that he loves beer! Gotta love him… Besides loving beer, my husband works in accounting at the same place I work. It’s a miracle we’re not divorced. We love shopping, alcohol, animal charities, our pup Pee Wee, and most prime-time TV. We met online in 2003, and we’ve been mostly happily together ever since. Daniel is also very, very obsessed with the Houston Texans, and therefore, I have to pretend to be, too. But back to the beer…

Monica Daniel Wants It

This entry in Monica’s blog is a takeover.  I’m Daniel, and I’ll be talking about what I
want, for once.  And what I want is
usually a cold, refreshing beer.  But I’m
not talking about your run-of-the-mill BMC (Budweiser, Miller, Coors) pale
American lager.  No way.  I am talking about craft beer, the labor of
love of hopheads and beer enthusiasts around the world.  Craft beer is slowly but surely gaining
market share domestically in the U.S., with microbreweries popping
up around the nation allowing for increased exposure to exciting new ales and
lagers, porters and stouts. 

So what turned me onto craft beer?  That’s a great question.  I began my beer journey around my 21st
birthday.  Yes, I was a total
goody-two-shoes and didn’t have any alcohol prior to being of drinking
age.  I didn’t care much for Budweiser,
so I decided to try a cool-looking beer called Guinness.  That did not go over well.  As such, I was ill-prepared for a swill like
Budweiser or a stout like Guinness. 
Turned off to beer, I turned to sweeter drinks such as Smirnoff malt
beverages and the Mike’s line of hard lemonades.  Not exactly the manliest of drinks available.  As time grew on, I grew tired of the sweet
alco drinks and decided I needed to expand my horizons. I decided I was going
to be a beer drinker.  And what would I
try to begin my sudsy journey?  Dos

I know, hardly a craft beer. 
I actually had a Dos Equis earlier this evening and couldn’t discern
much flavor aside from the water.  With
my feet wet by Dos Equis, I went on to try beers aside from the lager family of
beers by having a hefty amount of Shock Top during an interesting Sunday
afternoon at an Applebees.  I felt so
cool drinking the giant pilsners of the wheat ale.  It was something I never tried before and I
knew I wanted to try more.  

And so began my journey of exploring what the craft beer
world had to offer.  So far I have tried
nearly 200 different beers, with styles ranging from ale, lager IPAs (India pale ale),
stout, imperial stout, hefeweizens, bocks, and porters.  I feel like a kid every time I walk into a
bottle shop and find something I haven’t tried before.  Just ask Monica, a trip with me to World
Market or Spec’s is practically an all-day event requiring many life decisions. (Yes, that’s true. -Monica)

I will try not to commandeer Monica’s blog too often, but
follow along when I do to see which new beers I am trying and find out what I
suggest if you are a craft beer newbie or just a beer fan in search of a tasty
brew.  I plan to feature beers from my
home state of Texas,
but I’ll include some special beers from outside the state when the occasion
calls for it.