Crafty Holidays with Elmer’s #GluenGlitter {Gift Guide}

Sometimes you’re stumped with what to give that super crafty person for Christmas, right? I admit us crafty folks can be difficult to shop for because it seems we have SO much stuff, what more could we possibly want or need?

Well, a lot.

To help you out, I’ve created a holiday guide filled with Elmer’s products that are sure to delight and serve purpose in their craft arsenal.

Best of all? Some of these items cost as little as $2. TWO DOLLARS. Let’s do this!

Here are my top 6 gifts for any crafty person. I don’t care if they scrapbook, sew, or do general DIY/home décor projects, they will need/want/love these 6 items. And for the record, these items are ALL on my wish list, too. For real.

elmers01 elmers02

Left: Elmer’s Adhesive Dot Stamper ($9.98 at Walmart) Right: Elmer’s Craft Bond Dual Tip Glue Pen ($2.97 at Walmart)

The above products are great for making cards, scrapbook pages, home décor and so much more. They’re strong, good quality and come with a lot of product making them a great value. That stamper thing is pure GENIUS I tell you. I’d use it for gift wrapping; can you imagine how easy it’d be to stamp glue spots on to hold ribbon/bows in place. Yes!


Elmer’s Painters Markers (I’d recommend the pearlescent or metallic/calligraphy set…they have a wow factor because they SPARKLE!). At Walmart you can get a pack of 5 for $9.97 or you can buy individual Painter’s Markers for $3.97 each. I thought of my sisters who are really into drawing/painting using these to sketch out their designs. Or I also thought of my friend who loves to handwrite beautiful letters to her friends. And I thought of myself who would use these to paint on wooden letters to create unique décor for my home. I used these pens to create this awesome Ballard Designs-esque burlap memo board. Totally versatile and great as a gift OR a stocking stuffer.


X-Acto Designer Series Craft Swivel Knife This little gadget is cute and PINK. Gah. I love the packaging because it looks high end, is high quality and is not expensive. At about $10 each, this is great for the crafter who needs to cut intricate designs or circles. The handle is soft and ergonomic. Just don’t forget to throw in some replacement blades, too. I’d use this to cut some frilly swirls that would be a pain to cut with my Silhouette SD.


X-Acto Designer Rotary Trimmer This lovely paper cutter can accommodate those huge sheets of 12×12” paper making it perfect for your friends who do lots of paper crafts. Maybe they scrapbook, make cards or maybe a friend is engaged and will need to do lots of DIY projects for her wedding. Cute, frilly and functional. Not to mention it would come in handy for cutting coupons or doing crafts with the kiddos.


Elmer’s 3D Washable Paint Pens These are awesome! They’d be great to make artwork over holiday break. Awesome for making ornaments at a cookie exchange party or girls night in…glitter is awesome y’all. Anybody who loves to craft will appreciate being able to create 3D glitter text/art/designs with ease.

As you can see, Elmer’s offers lots of great, inexpensive products that make wonderful gifts for those crafty folk in your life. Earlier this week I went to Walmart to pick out the top 3 Elmer’s products on my wish list…want to see what I picked out?


I chose Elmer’s Sticky Out Adhesive Remover ($4 at Walmart) because I am constantly using glue spots, spray adhesive, glue sticks, etc. and I make a mess on my counters. It is hard to remove the adhesives at times, so this product will help me out a ton. Also, I chose the 12×12 hot pink X-Acto Self Healing Cutting Mat. I snagged a sewing machine on Black Friday, and I plan to do lots of small projects to get my sewing skills up to par, so this should help. Plus, I will now have a surface to use my X-Acto craft knife with ease and without worry. Finally, I purchased another ruler. I know I bought a metal one about 2 weeks ago, but I wanted one that would help me get stuff centered.


Isn’t that nifty? Only $1.97 at Walmart for the X-Acto Zero Centering Ruler. And it even has a swirly damask-like print on it. Swoon.

Now you have 9 fabulous, frugal gift ideas for anyone on your shopping list. I found all of these items at Walmart in the crafts section. Want even more low-cost ideas? Check out my album on Google+ where I showcase more products you can buy to give as gifts/stocking stuffers. They range in price from $1.97 to $19.97.

All product photo credits go out to Elmer’s & X-Acto.

If you’d like to see what I create with Elmer’s products, you can view my tutorials below (click on photo to be taken to tutorial):

image  image

image  image

And if you’d like to win an Elmer’s craft pack of your very own, click on over to this post like NOW to enter. There are 2 packs up for grabs and the contest closes the 8th at noon.

Which of these products would you want the most in your stocking or underneath the Christmas tree?

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  1. Amy @ The Mom Hood
    December 8, 2011 / 2:23 pm

    You gave some great suggestions! I haven't gotten the Dot Stamper yet, but I'm hoping Santa leaves it in my stocking 🙂

  2. Kassi @ Truly Lovely
    December 8, 2011 / 4:01 pm

    This is a great wish list for a crafty gift receiver! 😉 Excited to see these small sewing projects to come!

  3. Dariela
    December 8, 2011 / 11:57 pm

    Great list! I just recently discovered Elmer's products because of you! I didn't know they had so many products going on and also recently I've been more crafty so I went and got the spray adhesive causer I saw you using it! (you have influence!). As designer I always used spray mount but this letter can is perfect for the crafts at home, I'm loving it! And now I'll have to add other Elmer products to my wish list! Gracias Monica!

  4. Dariela
    December 8, 2011 / 11:58 pm

    _meant to say "little" can! Writing on the phone!