Choosing the Perfect Seating for a Breakfast Nook

Sometimes it’s totally worth it to hold out for the perfect furniture or accent piece for your home. I really don’t like to settle on expensive items, and I feel it’s best to invest in pieces you really love and work well in your space.

That’s why for the breakfast nook reveal back in January, I moved the bench from the guest bedroom to fill in as seating for the breakfast nook area. It was the same scale as what I wanted but hadn’t quite found yet.

Tips for selecting the perfect seating for a small breakfast nook/eat-in kitchen. Make the most of your space with smart shopping.

I was debating between getting a large skirted bench sort of like this one. Eventually I decided I wanted a cute loveseat kind of seat, and I scoured my usual go-to stores online without finding anything in the target price point of $200 or less.

FINALLY, I found my perfect bench love seat!

Honestly, I seem to have the best luck finding these key furniture pieces when I am not actively looking for them. Case in point- I found this at HomeGoods for $180 one Saturday when I was looking for a slim table for the foyer.

Tips for selecting the perfect bench/seating for a small breakfast nook/eat-in kitchen via

I just love those tulips. I’ve been spending about $5 a week on flowers, and I love the bright pop it adds to our space.

When thinking about investing in an upholstered piece in an eating space, my top priorities are:

  • Quality upholstery that can be Scotch guarded, preferably in a dark, solid fabric color
  • The overall height of the piece doesn’t block a window/sight line
  • Can seat a minimum of two people
  • Has a unique quality or feature 
  • Easy to style in a variety of ways

This love seat checked off every bullet on my list with it’s black fabric, curved back silhouette, roomy seat and perfect height. It seriously looks like it was made just for the space. 

The tag on the piece said t’s a love seat, but there’s no reason to not use what you like in a space as long as the scale is right and you love the piece. 

Tips for selecting the perfect bench/seating for a small breakfast nook/eat-in kitchen via

I am thinking of DIY-ing a gold dipped look on 3″-4″ of the legs, but for now it’s wonderful as is. We are really enjoying this space a lot and eat most of our meals here now that we cook a lot more due to me being on Weight Watchers.

Speaking of which, I weighed-in last Saturday and lost 1.6 for a grand total of 6.2 pounds in two weeks. My birthday was yesterday and I indulged a bit, so I am not expecting a loss at all this Saturday. Wish me luck though- I am chugging water like it’s my job to get that birthday splurge out of my system.

Tips for selecting the perfect bench/seating for a small breakfast nook/eat-in kitchen via

The final things I need to buy for this space are black roman shades for the two side windows, and maybe a cool circular rug to “define” the space. 

We also painted over the striped accent wall in our master bedroom. Take a sneak peek at the space over on my Instagram!

What projects have you all been working on lately? 



  1. reFresh reStyle
    March 10, 2016 / 1:54 am

    Love it! I want something similar at my round table!Debbie

  2. Domicile 37
    March 11, 2016 / 2:32 am

    we have similar styles! love it and I have those ghost chairs! I really like the idea of the gold dipped legs, I think it would add some interest to the seating. Gold never hurt anyone.