Building Traditions {Easter Crafts}

This past weekend, my best friend Candy and her daughter Caylee came over to partake in egg dyeing. While it was my first time EVER dyeing eggs, it’s something that Candy and Caylee do every year. I know, can you believe I’ve never dyed an egg? I apparently live under a rock. A rock without Paas dye.

Caylee adores me, so she was super excited to help me dye my very first batch of eggs.


Isn’t she adorable? Yes, yes she is.


We got all the stuff prepared, and honestly, I didn’t know this project required so much vinegar. And honestly, my house majorly smelled like farts for a few hours afterwards. I imagine its what a house full of teenage boys would smell like. Perhaps?

The dye gets all fizzy and the colors are so bright and gorgeous. This project also requires lots of cups…


Candy used the time to bond with her daughter as well as chat with me about the Fifty Shades of Grey book/novel that I had already given up on. I got bored, but she got me intrigued enough to keep reading it. We decided that Zac Efron would make a fabulous Christian Grey. It’d also help us forget he was ever in those High School Musical movies. We also decided that we had no clue how on earth it could get away with a rated R rating unless they took out 70% of the book. But I digress.


Minutes later, we had a bunch of bright eggs. It almost seemed kind of magical. How does a little dye tab the size of a Sweet-Tart + 3 tbsp of vinegar= bright eggs.


We also used a tie-dye egg kit with GLITTER. It was heaven. Lots and lots of glitter everywhere. And the best part? You can make really gorgeous eggs. Look at this one that Caylee made. Love.


Mommy and daughter look happy. 🙂


It may seem like this whole egg dyeing thing was just an activity. But really, it meant so much more than that to me. I am blessed to have a best friend who wants me to partake in traditions and projects that I never got to do. It means a lot that Candy made it a point to ensure I got to stain my hands a variety of colors and smell a plethora of farts all at once. Even sweeter than that is watching Candy with her daughter. I am the friend that gets to tag along with them a lot, and it often makes me wonder if I truly don’t want children like I always tell people. I’d like to do this sort of thing with my daughter someday. I’d like to have memories that are sweet, innocent and precious. I am sure my mother has those of me, and well… it just makes me wonder.

Do I or don’t I want one of these beautiful little girls to call my own someday?


And then the very next day I went over to my in-laws for Easter lunch. My 2.5 year old nephew was present and in a sour mood. He was just tired and whiny. I kept wanting to take a photo of him and he said, “NO!” Oh goodness. I gave up. Eventually, he got totally fed up with everything and let out a tantrum that I miraculously caught using Instagram.


And now I am more confused than ever. Sigh.

  • Do you have any fun/meaningful traditions that you built with your friends? Did you ever not want children and change your mind?


  1. Zachary's Mom
    April 10, 2012 / 8:17 pm

    I never wanted kids, my older sister was sickly and could never have them and I didn't want to hurt her feelings in some weird way, plus ugh lol kids are messy and get on my nerves. I never babysat when I was younger – I was just not a kid person. I told everyone that I was NEVER having kids.Thheeennn, I accidentally got pregnant and had my son – and I wouldn't have changed it or him. Now, I'm a step-mom to a 12 year old boy and a mom to a 4 year old boy. I love it.I'm not gonna say it doesn't suck, because it does sometimes. Honestly, it really sucks sometimes but then you have the good days and it out ways the day. And just think to the future when your kid is your age, wouldn't you want that type of grown up relationship with them? I know I do, but I'm happy where I am now. People change over time, so you never know, you know 🙂

  2. Kassi @ Truly Lovely
    April 10, 2012 / 11:21 pm

    I'm of the want kids someday sort… And really, one of the things I am MOST looking forward to about having those someday babies?? Traditions and fun things like this! Santa, the Easter bunny, dying eggs! 🙂 SO fun!

  3. Shellie Sager
    April 12, 2012 / 3:44 am

    I love your painting the wood DIY, was searching for something like that and your page is just what I hoped to find! As for this blog post, I think you want kids. If you truly didn't want them, you wouldn't have moments of "do I"? I would rather trade a million nights of "THEY'RE DRIVING ME CRAZY!" than for one night of regret. I've worked with women over the years that did not have children, for various reasons (some because their husbands didn't want them… then they got divorced and had NO KIDS… talk about angry). Let me tell you from watching them: regret is an ulgy thing to carry around. And this is one of those major regrets you can't shake. You have time. And even if you reached a point where you could not birth a child, you can still do treatments/adopt, whatever. But trust me. People that do not want kids really do not want them. You don't sound like that person.

  4. Michelle Hernandez
    April 20, 2012 / 1:42 am

    That last picture is hilarious! I think there is nothing more wonderful that having a family with a supportive husband. It's tough, tantrums are short-term, but parenting can be a beautiful thing! =)